Win Book Prizes During Bestseller Bound Birthday Bash!

It’s hard to believe that it has been one full year since Bestseller Bound launched, bringing together indie authors, readers, and bloggers. This friendly community of like-minded people has become an important part of my life. Darcia Helle started this message board forum site, with input from myself and Maria Savva. My greatest contributions were coining the name Bestseller Bound and helping to write some of the mission statements, but Darcia and Maria have really kept the site blossoming with the day-to-day moderating and administering and have taken it in all sorts of wonderful directions. How Darcia has time to put out one excellent book after another, and be the leader of Bestseller Bound, I will never know but indie authors everywhere are thankful she brought us together. We’ve had all sorts of exciting projects, such as short story collections and sample chapter anthologies, not to mention the networking, book reviews, and literary discussion on the boards. If you’d like to come by and join the site, we’re always happy to have new members.

In honor of our anniversary/birthday event, a bunch of our members have gotten together to offer their books to interested readers. We have 12 prizes – 11 ebooks and 1 very special, not yet released, print book. The deadline for entry on all the blogs is midnight on Saturday, September 17. Winners will be notified via email, so please be sure to include a valid email address in your comment. The only other rule is that you need to be 16 or older. Here is the list:

1 coupon code for a free ebook copy of The Dream by Maria Savva from Smashwords

1 coupon code from Smashwords for free ebook copy of any one title by Darcia Helle

The Choice by Sydney S. Song (my pen name for fiction, only) from Smashwords giving free e-book coupon

1 coupon code from Smashwords for free ebook copy of Echo Falls by Jaime McDougall

1 coupon code from Smashwords for free ebook copy of any one title by Gareth Lewis

1 coupon code from Smashwords for free ebook copy of The Other Room by James Everington

1 coupon code from Smashwords for free ebook copy of any one title by Susan Helene Gottfried

1 coupon code from Smashwords for free ebook copy of Nexus Point by Jaleta Clegg

1 coupon code from Smashwords for a free eBook copy of 2010 Hindsight: A Year of Personal Growth, In Spite of Myself by Sharon E. Cathcart

1 coupon code from Smashwords for a free eBook copy of Caraliza and also Breathing into Stone by Joel Kirkpatrick


1 free hardbound, signed copy of Joel’s secret 5th novel, shipped the week it is released.
I’m coming into this late after a crazy few weeks of vacations, computer troubles and hurricane power outages, so I am going to throw in a Smashwords download of my book Sink or Swim.

Want a chance to win? All you have to do is leave a comment here, with a valid email address. You need to be 16 years or older and can live anywhere in the world.

Want a few more chances to win? Seven other BestsellerBound authors are also running features on their blogs. Visit each one and leave a comment. You’ll receive one entry for each blog you comment on. Here is the list of participating authors, along with the link to their blog post:

Maria Savva:

Cynthia Meyers-Hanson:

Susan Helene Gottfried:

Jaime McDougall:

Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick:

Jaleta Clegg:

Darcia Helle:

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  1. It has been a great year, and wonderful to have been part of all the fun. 🙂

  2. We’ve definitely all come a long way in a year! It will be exciting to see what next year brings!

  3. Congrats on how far you’ve come! I’d love a chance to win!

  4. Barbara Ensign says:

    WOW, it’s been a year, I have found so many FABULOUS authors on here. I look forward to finding more.

    Thanks for being YOU (all of you)

  5. Barbara Ensign says:

    seriously, of course I want to enter 🙂

  6. Robin Daily says:

    What a great giveaway! Happy birthday!

  7. thegirlonfire27 says:

    Congrats on the year!

    thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

  8. I’d love to win a free book. I actually have a book review blog, please send me anything at any time you’d like me to promo. Congrats on your anniversary!

  9. Thanks so much to everyone who has come by and entered so far to wish us a happy birthday! Wishing you all lots of luck in the contest as it’s a great selection of books from our talented Bestseller Bound authors!

  10. Red sent me.