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Are you a mystery or suspense author? Could you use some extra advertising before the holidays? Then please take a minute to enter this contest sponsored by All Mystery E-Newsletter. To celebrate the release of my new anthology 25 Years in the Rearview Mirror: 52 Authors Look Back, which was inspired by my mystery novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, All Mystery e-Newsletter is offering three free ad spots. Our new anthology includes essays from writers in many genres, however many mystery authors are represented in the book, including All Mystery E-Newsletter founder R.P. Dahlke, who wrote the essay Cropdusting the Way to a Series.

Each winner in the contest will receive one ad spot in an upcoming newsletter, promotion on Facebook and Twitter, and your website link will be listed in their sidebar of the All Mystery website. This is a great opportunity to reach the niche audience of readers that enjoy mystery and suspense novels, and the various subgenres.

All Mystery e-newsletter is for readers who love mystery and suspense including: cozies, thrillers, exotic locations, historical mysteries, murder at work, paranormal, police procedurals & PI’s, and romantic suspense.

This new ebook was inspired by a mystery novel and features the work of 52 writers, including many mystery and suspense authors.

The weekly e-newsletter contains:
-New Authors/new books with colorful click through to the book on Amazon
-Book description
-Weekly book giveaways
-Monthly drawings for a Kindle

If you’re a mystery writer, then don’t miss this chance to potentially get a free ad before the holidays. Please fill out the form below to enter. The deadline is September 9th. (Due to ads filling up at All Mystery E-Newsletter, the contest deadline has changed from Halloween to September 9 to ensure that the winners can use their ads before the holidays.) Also, please feel free to tell us about your books in the comments! And please stop by the 25 Years in the Rearview Mirror Blog and Radio Tour to find out how a bunch of authors are teaming up together on a unique marketing project. The tour will have over 65 stops between August and December, and kicks off tonight with this It Matters radio interview featuring Donna Fletcher Crow and many of the Rearview Mirror authors calling in. (which will be archived.)

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  1. I love mystery, have since I was a kid and read Agatha Christie and a mystery YA series about two boys who were always solving some crime, Sherlock Holmes, loved the mystery series about the monk in Medieval times who solved crimes.

    In my In the Dead of the Night, it’s a straight romantic suspense. But even in my werewolf series, they all involve mysteries.

  2. Thanks for coming by, Terry! Thanks for sharing about your book – great idea, I just added a line to the post inviting other authors to share about their books also. Your books sound terrific, they are going on my to-read list. I am a longtime mystery fan also. I used to love Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew and the Three Investigators as a kid.

  3. I’ve previously published contemporary romance but by my first romantic suspense novel is due out in early November. My WIP is also a mystery and I know for sure this is the direction my writing wants to take in future, so I’m practically burying myself in all things mysterious these days.

  4. I love mystery and suspense! I’ve read mysteries ever since Nancy Drew!
    Even though I write romance, for some reason, no matter what plot or characters I start out with, I end up with a mystery or suspense element in the story.
    My current series is The Scotland Yard Exchange Program and Book 1, THE THROWBACKS is out now. It’s about a world-weary Scotland Yard detective who’s been exiled to the states and meets up with a fluffy decorator half his age, but warm and wise–and irresistible. Of course she gets in the middle of the high profile case he has with the Boston Police Department–the case that he needs to redeem his career. She’s like kryptonite to his superhero soul, but she sparks his spirit to life.
    Book 2, THE HOT SHOTS, will be out in October.

  5. What a terrific, innovative promotion! I write mysteries set on New England horse farms. “Fame & Deceit” is a mytery that just so happens to be on a horse farm (instead of a boat, etc) Someone is dumping toxic waste on the farm; someone is murdering ministers, and the woman he hoped to marry is found floating in the river. Yes, I too, grew up on a diet of Nancy Drew (folks always knew what to buy me for presetns!)And also Walter Farley’s Black Stallion series. Just released is a short story “Early One Halloween Night,” in the anthology “Adironack Mysteries, Vol. 2” which is based upon an actual plane crash that I was in.

  6. So I really have to stop reading these comments. Already see several books that I want to add to my TBR pile. How high can it get before it falls over and crushes me? LOL

    I also write mysteries and my next book, Stalking Season, will be out in November. It is the second book in the Seasons Series that debuted with Open Season. Think “Lethal Weapon” set in Dallas with female leads. Open Season is still available in hardback, and just recently came out as an e-book.

  7. SPEAKING OF MURDER releases in less than a month under the pen name Tace Baker. from Barking Rain Press. The murder of a talented student at a small New England college thrusts linguistics professor Lauren Rousseau into the search for the killer. Lauren is a determined Quaker with an ear for accents. Her investigation exposes small town intrigues, academic blackmail and a clandestine drug cartel that now has its sights set on her.

    I also write the Local Foods Mystery series. A TINE TO LIVE, A TINE TO DIE will be out in June 2013.

  8. Yet another of your fabulous ideas for promotion, Stacy. I’d lvoe to be able to promote my microbrewing series from Mainly Murder Press through this giveaway. thanks for the opportunity to enter and win.

  9. This has been such a fun hop! I’ve gotten to know so many new authors. krystalshannan@yahoo(dot)com

  10. A cold winter in the Great Lakes…
    a perfect setting for murder!

    Do you like mystery, suspense and romance? If so…read

    Deadly Encounter

    Available now from Desert Breeze Publishing on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more. This is the third and last book in my Deadly Triad.

    What a great opportunity to promote and win great prizes!


  11. Thanks for the opportunity. The first in my Cherry Tucker Mystery series, PORTRAIT OF A DEAD GUY, debuted last week with Henery Press. I love to read and write mysteries!

    Cherry Tucker is a small town, Southern artist and is desperate enough for a gig that she wrangles with her rival to win the commission to paint the portrait of a murdered son in a coffin portrait.