Discover Personal Stories and Resources in Authors Against Bullying Campaign

I am proud to be part of an outstanding anti-bullying campaign, the Authors Against Bullying Campaign 2012, hosted by Just My Opinion: Reviewing Authors, Books and Everything Literary. Keep an eye on this site for the next several days as you will see articles for parents and children to share together. Authors will recount their personal experiences with bullying and offer helpful resources on this important topic.

In my post, I talked about how I forced myself to stand up to bullies in elementary school and high school. I also offer some advice for parents, as well as a fantastic resource for more information about bullying. My post starts, “Third grade was a long time ago, but I still remember the mean girl who bullied me. She would threaten my safety, her lips twisted into a dark grin, and I’d come home from school crying. I’d get stomachaches as I dreaded returning to school the next day.” If you’d like to read the whole thing, you can find the post here.

In addition, you can also enter for a huge bundle of ebooks if you visit the campaign! Please join us in educating about this important issue.

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