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Thanks to soaking up the wealth of information at the IndieReCon conference and informative posts like this one about newsletter mailing lists, I am making some subtle tweaks to my author platform. Among them, I’m now offering a freebie for new newsletter subscribers. When you subscribe, you will receive the link to a free deleted scene from the novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, as well as an interview with main character Kris Langley. It’s just a little something to introduce new readers to my work and to give them a sneak peek into the writing process. I also added a nifty newsletter button to my right sidebar, and added a newsletter sign-up tab on my Facebook page.

The newsletter will be sent to subscribers 3 times per year and will be filled with book release news, excerpts, free downloads from my author friends, discounts, special offers and occasional drawings for subscribers only. Please be aware that you won’t be signed up unless you respond to the confirmation message that is automatically e-mailed to you. I hope you enjoy it, and watch for my spring issue, full of my audiobook news!

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Stacy Juba writes mysteries, chick lit and contemporary fiction that is crisp, fresh, and satisfying. She is also an affordable freelance editor known for doing extensive editing on hard copies of her clients' manuscripts. Subscribe to her newsletter and/or follow her blog for freebies, resources and to discover new books.

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