Top Ten Siblings From Books, TV and Film

I’d like to welcome author Beth Fred to this stop on her Marlowe Girls Blog Tour as she shares a fun post on her picks for Top Ten Siblings in books, TV and movies.

10. The March Sisters—They always had fun.

09. Sweet Valley Twins—There were things I liked about both girls, and they complimented each other really well.

08. The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants—okay, so they weren’t sisters at all, but sometimes the bonds you make on your own are more important than what you’re born with.

07. Jane & Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice—They just interacted well.

06. Alice & Rose Marie Cullen—Come on, you gotta love the Cullens 😉

05. Mary, Lucy, & Ruthie Camden—More than once a younger sister would come to the rescue of the older sister. It’s realistic, and I like that because it proves that wisdom doesn’t have to come with age.

04. Kat & Bianca Stratford (10 Things I Hate About You)—They had a rough relationship, but were able to open up to each other in the end.

03. The Charmed Ones (Prue, Pyper, & Phoebe—I never accepted Paige, sorry). They kicked butt & didn’t need anyone to take care of them

02. Anna & Kate Fitzgerald (My Sister’s Keeper, the book not the movie) These girls maintained a great relationship through some very trying situations. They have a kind of selfless love.

01. Tiffany & Kammy Marlowe—That’s probably cheating, but they go through a lot of ups and downs. Still, I like the Hernandez boys even more ;)!!!

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The Other Marlowe Girl: When twenty-four-year-old dance school drop-out Kammy Marlowe is evicted by her mother, she goes to her favorite hangout. She finds an unlikely friend in the blunt eye candy, Enrique. But Kammy knows there is no way she and Enrique have a shot because he’s her brother-in-law’s brother and has been privy to her wild past. Enrique swears he’s only interested in the person she is today, but their relationship is tested when her ex-husband’s drug dealer attacks her, looking for money. With no options and a money hungry drug dealer on her back, Kammy accepts a position as a dancer at a strip club. But when Enrique shows up at the club, their relationship is over. With no reason to stay in Texas anymore, Kammy auditions for the Bolshevik Ballet and gets the opportunity to go to Russia. Only Enrique is determined to stop her. Will she give up the chance of a lifetime to stay with the man she still loves?

The Fate of a Marlowe Girl
– (Novella – 40 pages) When twenty-four-year-old Tiffany escapes her sister Kammy’s too wild Cancun bachelorette party, she finds herself in a bar with the unwanted attention of a gorgeous local named Luke.Luke may be charming but Tiffany is leaving in two days and doesn’t need any complications. But complications are exactly what she gets when the cops show up to raid Kammy’s party. When Kammy is arrested, Tiffany agrees to have dinner with Luke, so he’ll help her get Kammy out of jail. Kammy’s arrest forces her to spend an extra day in Cancun, meaning she’ll miss a crucial meeting, and as an accountant in tax season, she is already drowning in work. Not to mention, every second she spends with Luke makes it harder to leave. With Luke, Tiffany is almost ready to forget about work. Will the airport be their final goodbye?
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  1. Thank you for hosting me today.

  2. Con Martin says:

    Some of these siblings I had never heard of! I did once have a job answering Sweet Valley High fan mail, however!

  3. Answering Sweet Valley High fan mail! That is too cool! I used to read that series…in fact, I read the recent Sweet Valley books for adults. I think my favorite fictional siblings are the Curtis brothers from the Outsiders. And Luke and Leia from Return of the Jedi!


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