Book Buffet Features Over 175 Ebooks for .99 Each in Many Genres! #Kindle #Nook

Introducing the Book Lovers’ Buffet. Load up, you won’t gain a pound!

I’m delighted to be participating in The Buffet’s “Bouquet of Books” sale, which will be open May 1-3. 2013. More than 175 ebooks will all reduced in price to just 99 cents. Save in categories such as Young Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense, Erotic Romance, and more! Included in the sale are my adult mystery novel Sink or Swim, my young adult family hockey novel Face-Off, and my young adult paranormal thriller Dark Before Dawn. You can find Sink or Swim on the Mystery/Thriller/Romantic Suspense page and my young adult novels on the YA page. All books in the sale are discounted on Amazon, and many are also discounted at other retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Apple, All Romance E-Books, and Kobo.

PLUS, visit the website to win gift cards to your choice of online retailers. $400 in gift cards up for grabs!

The sale features titles from popular authors such as:

• Gemma Halliday
• Angie Fox
• Jenna Bennett
• Amanda Brice
• Jennette Marie Powell
• Clover Autrey
• Carly Carson
• E. Ayers
• Genevieve Jourdin
• CJ Lyons
• Renee Pace
• Sophia Knightley
• Tori Scott
• Meredith Bond
• Emily Ryan-Davis
• Anthea Lawson
• Diana Layne
• Lindsey Brookes
• Gina Robinson
• McKenna Chase

And many, many more!

Hosted by Indie Romance Ink.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting the sale, Stacy! My award-winning romantic comedy, HOOKING MR. RIGHT, written under my Emma Carlyle pen name, is also available. It’s the story of a guy, a girl, and a matchmaking cat. Links to Kindle and Nook can be found on the contemporary page,

  2. Thanks for sharing, Stacy. I have two books in the blow-out sale. Winter Interlude, a fun, fast-paced & flirty contemporary, and A Matter of Trust a romantic suspense where terror takes on a meaning Suspense/

  3. Thanks, Stacy!

    The box set of my bestselling erotic romance series, IT’S JUST SEXT, is also in the sale!

    She swore it was ‘just sext’ and nothing more… The link is here along with a bunch of other great erotic romances also on sale:

  4. Hi, Stacy!

    My contemporary western romance– Howdy, Ma’am #1 (Bull Rider Series)– is also included at the Book Lovers Buffet. So happy to participate! Thanks for helping to promote this great opportunity.

  5. Jill Hughey says:

    Hi Stacy! What great fun we are having today. My book, REDEEMED is a historical romance set in Charlemagne’s Empire, and it is on sale for the first time ever on the book buffet. Here is a short blurb: Doeg requires two things in a wife. Philantha has only one requirement for a husband, but it will challenge the barriers Doeg has maintained for decades around his heart and body.

    Come check out all the great historical romances on sale through May 3.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing, Stacy!

    My 2-book bundle, DANI SPEVAK MYSTERIES, contains Books 1 and 2 in my YA mystery series set at a performing arts boarding school.

    Bombs, poisoning, arson… Will aspiring ballerina Dani Spevak’s 15 minutes of fame on the hit TV show Teen Celebrity Dance-Off be over before she reaches age 15? Dani and her friends are suddenly at the center of some serious sabotage. And if she doesn’t find out who is behind it, her next pirouette could be her last.

    When her rival disappears with opening night just around the corner, teen understudy ballerina Dani Spevak can’t sit idly by, even if it means losing her part in Nutcracker. From reality TV trophy wives to sleazy real estate developers to a possible drug ring, the cast of suspects begins to add up. Will she find Hadley before the curtain rises?

  7. Thanks Stacy for having the Book Lovers Buffet on your blog today.

    The critically ill daughter of the governor of California has been kidnapped. LAPD Detective Maddie Divine is assigned to find her before it’s too late. But this high-profile case comes with secrets on every side: cops, politicians, even the innocent.

    Kathy Bennett, author of A DEADLY BLESSING (in the buffet) – A Best Nook Book Original 2012

  8. Thanks for featuring the book buffet…Here’s my offering
    ABNA Quarter-Finalist – TAKE A DEEP BREATH – Liv Reynolds can’t remember when anxiety and panic didn’t play havoc on her life. Recently divorced from a man who wouldn’t or couldn’t understand her, she retreats with her daughter to her grandmother’s summer cottage on Lake of the Pines. Liv has fond memories of the summers she spent there with her grandparents. Always a safe haven, she hopes to spend the summer relaxing, healing and finding herself again. In the midst of a panic attack, she finds herself face-to-face with Cameron Preston, the boy with whom she’d spent her childhood summers. In love with him back then, she never found the courage to tell him and they drifted apart…Her heart leaps at the second chance for love. Confusion swamps her as she tries to figure out why Cam keeps pulling away… Can Liv rekindle their old friendship and to turn it into something more?

  9. Nikki Lynn Barrett says:

    Thanks for highlighting the sale! I’m so excited to be participating this year for the first time as an AUTHOR! Woot!

    I have two books in the mix, both contemporaries. My debut holiday novel, The Secret Santa Wishing Well, and Baby Stetson, my latest release, and the first book in the Love and Music in Texas series!

  10. Thanks for the mention, Stacy!

    I have 2 books in the sale today and am delighted my books are listed with such great company.

    My humorous contemporary/chicklit, Pink Slipper, is currently a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in Humor–Business and Professional. It’s a fun tale of Leesa’s search for love and the perfect job,

    My historical romance, The Escort, is an American set historical set in 1899 in the Pacific Northwest during the mining boom. Italian mail order bride Angelina falls in love with
    her handsome, sexy escort on the way to meet her husband.

  11. Thanks for featuring the sale, Stacy! My humorous rom-com mystery, BABYDOLL, is in the sale on the mystery page Suspense/

    And my DANCE N LUV CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE BOXED SET is a real steal for 99 cents

  12. Thank you for posting about the sale! My romantic suspense, YOU BELONG TO ME, is on sale at

  13. Thanks, Stacy, for opening your blog today!

    HOTTER ON THE EDGE, a science fiction romance anthology, with three novellas of interstellar & futuristic romance and adventure has an average rating of 4.29 on Goodreads with 40 ratings. Who doesn’t love a sexy spaceship captain?!

    HOTTER ON THE EDGE is on the science fiction page:

  14. Thank you for spot lighting the Book Lovers’ Buffet Sale, Stacy! My Urban Fantasy, SHADOW’S EDGE, is up for devouring. Here’s a small bite to get your taste buds going!

    Everyone fears what hunts in the shadows—especially the monsters…

    It takes a monster to hunt one, and for Raine McCord, forged in the maelstrom of magic and science, she’s the one for the job. In a world where the supernatural live in a shadowy existence with the mundane, a series of disappearances and deaths threatens the secrecy of her kind and indicates someone knows the monsters are alive and kicking. Partnering up with the sexy and tantalizing Gavin Durand proves to be a challenge as dangerous as the prey she hunts.

    When the trail points back to the foundation which warped Raine’s magic as a child, her torturous past raises its ugly head. Gavin and Raine sift through a maze of lies, murder and betrayal to discover not only each other, but the emerging threat to them and the entire magical community.

  15. Thanks for mentioning the sale! 🙂

    Travel back in time to 1957 for a little drama, a few life or death moments, and a lot of rock ‘n’ roll romance in WISHING YOU WERE HERE

  16. Thanks, Stacy for opening up your blog. I have LEASHED for sale at .99, the first book in my Going to the Dogs series. Here’s a short blurb:

    And they call it puppy love!

    When Jack falls head-over-paws for cute and cuddly Jill next door — that creamy coat, those soft brown eyes, and, yowza, those long legs, he simply cannot help himself. Bing, bang, boom, a few weeks later, Jack has some ‘splaining to do when that cute female is with puppies. Jack’s going to be a father, trouble is his lady love’s owner and his owner need a little shove into love. Being a large and in-charge Great Dane, that’s no problem for Jack. With a little cooperation and a little matchmaking, some nudging, whining and puppy dog eyes, hopefully, everyone will live happily ever after together.

  17. Thanks, Stacy!

    CATTTUDE – A cat changes bodies with a woman on the run from a murderer, and she thinks anything a human can do, a cat can do better.
    Amazon, BookLoversBuffet Paranormal

  18. My 2nd book is MIRACLE PIE – It has romance, fun, tears, small town, a beagle and a lot of pie magic.
    BookLoversBuffet Contemporary

  19. Thanks Stacey for having us hear. I”m in the sale too!SANDMAN-A Serial Killer, a Woman being Stalked, and a HOT Detective trying to learn the truth. Nook/Kindle 99cents!

  20. Not very impressive to have an author do typo’s! LOL. Of course I meant HERE. LOL.

  21. Many thanks, Stacy, for letting us highlight the books we have on the Bouquet of Books sale. May the ghost of Shakespeare send fertile dreams to your imagination! My 99c books in the sale are both science fiction with romantic elements:

    The Trial of Tompa Lee — Abandoned to cruel alien justice—trial by combat against 300 accusers!—only Tompa’s enemies (including the hunky cop who arrested her) can help.

    The Midas Rush — All shepherd Tresky Buffrum wants is a taste of adventure. Instead he finds a mysterious virgin bride, mad murderers, and aliens who are either gods … or demons.

  22. Hi Stacy! Thanks for inviting us to post here about our books on sale. Here are my two:

    The Sheikh’s Spy: Taken as collateral against her brother’s gambling debt, Olympia is not cut out to live in a sheikh’s harem. When she learns that the life of the neighboring Sheikh Adnan of Zahiria is in danger, she escapes and presents herself to him in his heavily guarded palace in the middle of the night. Adnan doesn’t trust this beautiful foreigner. Why would she risk her own life to save his? Soon they are both in danger as dark energies move to take control of the area.

    To Kiss A Leprechaun: Only one rare female can break the spell that has plagued Lorcan, prince of fairies, for hundreds of years. Now that he has finally found her, what can go wrong? All he has to do is convince her to ignore the ugly spell he is under and kiss him. Aine is mesmerized by his beautiful eyes and the tone of his voice, but cringes at the rest of him. But even after all these centuries, forces exist that intend to keep him trapped. Lorcan must rescue Aine, or is it Aine who must rescue Lorcan? Time is short, will they kiss in time?

  23. Thanks for supporting the Book Lovers’ Buffet—and the authors!!!—Stacy. 🙂

    Gracie O’Neil, author of TOUCHING SHADOWS (in the page)

    In TOUCHING SHADOWS art expert and psychic Megan Alistair walks a dangerous line between truth and lies, both in her work as an appraiser and in her search for the painting that has haunted her since childhood. When businessman Dominic Stone gets involved, her lifetime’s web of secrets and deception begins to unravel. Now her masquerade is no longer protection; it’s a threat—not only against Megan, but worse, against the man she’s learning to love.

  24. Stacy,

    Thanks so much for hosting the Booklovers Buffet here! My romantic suspense, WILD FOR YOU is included. Here’s the blurb:

    To Love, Honor, and Protect

    Detective Clay Blackthorne has his hands full when he promises to safeguard an old college pal’s sister without letting her know what he’s up to. He never imagines that lively Marisol Calderon will knock his socks off and put a ring on his finger–and all at his suggestion! Their marriage of convenience is meant to protect her and Clay doesn’t plan on being hitched for long to the tempting beauty. But the honeymoon sure feels real to him…

    Sassy Marisol is used to doing whatever she wants–and right now her plan is to shake up the hot detective’s hard-edged demeanor. But the fun turns to danger when a mystery stalker bent on marrying her marks her as his prey. Temporarily becoming Clay’s wife seems like a practical way to thwart the stalker. But as passion ignites and Marisol falls for the tender heart buried beneath the tough detective’s chest, Clay’s true identity is revealed and she begins to wonder who–if anyone–she can trust…

  25. Thanks for having us, Stacy! I am participating in the 99-cent sale with my contemporary romance, Cupid’s Mistake:

    Party-girl Allison Kelly has it all–great friends, a flourishing business, and an active sex life. She’s beautiful, busy and blissfully fulfilled, with no time or inclination for a relationship. But life has been anything but a party for Benjamin Turner. Orphaned at fifteen, widowed at twenty-three, he traveled the world on self-imposed exile, but he couldn’t outrun the loneliness eating away his soul.

    He’s looking for stability. She wants a good time. Will Cupid’s arrow find its mark this Valentine’s Day, or will their pairing prove to be Cupid’s biggest mistake?

    Check out all the great contemporary romances on the Book Lover’s Buffet!

  26. AGAINST THE WIND – A second chance… on the run! Romantic Suspense at Amazon

  27. Loving the blog and plugs for our sale books! I adore a sale!
    I have one contemporary book in the group. Margo’s Choice

    Margo’s ex-husband is retiring from the Marines and plans to move back “home”. Having him around her daughters will present a problem. Their youngest daughter adores him, but he doesn’t believe she is his. Can Margo make peace with him or forgive him?


  28. Thanks for featuring the sale, Stacy! I have a book on the mystery page.

    HONOR CODE – Is Beason missing… or running? Suspense/

  29. Thanks, Stacy,

    I’m excited to be part of the Book Lovers Buffet Sale with so many great romances available @ .99 cents. Mine is DANGEROUS PARADISE, a sexy, romantic suspense adventure. After death threats for her late father’s business crimes, a young woman escapes with her new fiancé on a South Pacific cruise and becomes stranded with another man—a cynical and devastatingly handsome English actor—in a fish-out-of water survival game. Unfortunately, the only people who know they are alive are those out to kill her.

  30. Thanks for featuring the book buffet… I have 4 books on sale, under my alternate name AMBER CAREW:

    Trust and betrayal while undercover

    Angel is experienced in a lot of things, but love isn’t one of them.

    Angel has been deep undercover in the mob for too many years. Love is the last thing on her mind. Until Frank walks into her life once again. She almost fell in love with him four years ago, but had to betray him to the mob to protect her cover. He barely got away with his life, and now he hates her.

    Too bad they’ve been partnered to work together. As man and wife.

    Surrender control to sexy stranger

    The intensely sexy stranger was everything she wanted in a man, and everything she hated. He was intelligent, passionate, and compelling. Authoritative, domineering, and stubborn. And he would stop at nothing to convince her to surrender to him, body and soul.

    Even though she sensed he would never hurt her, his ability to bend her to his will terrified her. She vowed never to surrender control. But ultimately, would she have a choice?

    Overwhelmed by a dominating stranger

    For some reason, Fate has been messing with Lucinda’s love life.

    By all known wizard lore, she should have bonded with her mentor Rand, but there’s simply no chemistry between them. When she gets “The Call”, which shouldn’t happen for her, she is faced with an incredibly sexy, entirely naked man in an alley in Paris. Getting “The Call” means she is supposed to be his mentor… and his one true love. Clearly Fate thinks her life is a joke.

    Now she is stuck mentoring a man who is utterly domineering, overwhelmingly masculine, incredibly irresistible and, according to her most trusted friend, extremely dangerous.

    Genie’s decision: heart versus duty

    Dawn has suffered centuries of loneliness cooped up in a brass bottle. Now she has fallen in love with her new master, Luke, a stupid thing for a genie to do.

    Luke still loves his ex-fiancee and realizes the beautiful genie he frees from an ancient bottle may be the key to winning Evelyn back. How can Dawn reconcile what her heart desires with what duty demands of her?

  31. Thanks Stacy!

    STEALING SKY- When the powerful conquer weaker worlds, all that’s left is Stealing Sky. In the cold of space, Cassie and Skai cannot deny the hot attraction that pulls them to each other, but trust is vital to their survival, and yet trust is so far away…