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Books for Reality TV Fans
Are you a bookworm who enjoys reality TV or the entertainment industry? Then hurry over and add these bargain books to your summer reading list as each novel has a plot thread relating to reality TV or television in general. To celebrate the launch of this list, I hope you’ll enjoy the “reruns” I am showcasing of my June 2011 interviews with former contestants from the reality TV shows Survivor, Top Chef, Beauty and the Geek, Shark Tank, Bachelor Pad, I Love New York and Big Brother.

Here is an excerpt from my interview with Chef Betty Fraser from Top Chef Season 2. Betty is the owner of the award-winning Hollywood, CA restaurant Grub, the long-established catering company As You Like It Catering, and appears as a guest chef at food events around the country.

Betty, if you could boil down your experience on Top Chef to one paragraph, what was your overall feeling about being on this show?

The Top Chef experience was two parts excitement mixed with a big serving of stress. While I think most people understand that the β€˜reality’ in reality show can mean a lot of things, on Top Chef those competitions are real. And what was a big eye-opener for me was that I was actually a competitive person. I went in to it thinking it was just going to be a lot of fun, but all it took was to hear the word β€œGo” on the first challenge and I turned in to Kobe Bryant!

Read the entire interview with Betty from June 2011.

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