Mother/Daughter Authors Part 1: Amanda Torrey


I’d like to welcome Amanda Torrey today. Amanda is the author of the Teen Fury series, about an ordinary teenage girl named Felicia who learns she is the offspring of a Fury (a goddess of Vengeance) and a god of Mercy. Adolescence is tough enough without mythological genetic quirks, like snakes growing out of Felicia’s […]

Pandora’s Box Greek Myth Kids Book

As some of my readers know, my bestselling adult mystery/romantic suspense novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today has a Greek mythology subplot. In my book, doomed artist Diana Ferguson painted a scene depicting the story of Pandora. The very last line of Twenty-Five Years Ago Today refers to Pandora’s Box and the theme of hope. (I […]

10 Facts For Who Killed Diana Ferguson

Do you remember the show Twin Peaks and how the big question of the year was Who Killed Laura Palmer? Well, I’ve borrowed that concept to spread the word about my mystery/romantic suspense novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today. And it’s working! Over the weekend, the book became a Nook and Kindle bestseller – hitting the […]

WhoKilledDianaFerguson – Book Trailer

My #WhoKilledDianaFerguson campaign is in full-force. Barmaid. Artist inspired by Greek mythology. Diana Ferguson, the main character from my mystery/romantic suspense novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, had many layers to her personality. Want to catch a glimpse of Diana? Check out the fast-paced book trailer. (Please note that it was created a few years ago […]

Bestselling Mystery Now An Audiobook

I’m delighted that my mystery/romantic suspense novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today is now available as an audiobook from Amazon, Audible and iTunes. I had so much fun writing this book, which blends mystery, romance, Greek mythology, and long buried secrets into a tale that I hope will keep readers riveted. The e-book version has received […]

Goddess Girls #GreekMythology Juvenile Series Has Special Event Through 12/16/12

Since I’m a fan of the Goddess Girl books for tweens, I was delighted to participate in this special event to promote the latest book, Pandora the Curious. As some of my blog readers might remember, I enjoy this series because of my interest in Greek mythology, an interest that I wrote about in my […]

Play Greek God Hangman and Enter for Prizes has developed a unique business model designed to help readers discover new authors and books. Players simply have to match book covers, a minor variation of the card-matching memory game. Or they have to play fun word games (similar to the popular Hangman game.) To win best selling books and other prizes you just […]