News Flash: Kris Langley Interview

Kris Langley, my obit writer/aspiring reporter heroine from Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, is making a special appearance today on suspense author Darcia Helle’s blog. Kris has taken the time to answer some of Darcia’s questions, and is serving as the interview subject rather than the interviewer for a nice change of pace.

Here is a sneak peek at Kris and Darcia’s interview:

Kris, welcome and thanks for coming! You decided to make a sudden career switch and wound up as an editorial assistant, while also writing obituaries for a newspaper. Was writing something you’d always wanted to do?

Kris: I was always good at writing and it came easily to me, but I wouldn’t say it was something I always wanted to do. To be honest, I never really knew what I wanted to do. It was more, where did I want to go and where could I escape from the stressful thoughts and nightmares that always plagued me. College wasn’t fun for me in the way that it was fun for my roommates. I thought it would be exciting to live in New York after graduation, but my administrative assistant job didn’t fulfill me and all the noise of the city just made me even more unsettled. I fell into journalism after I moved back home and took the newspaper job, and I feel fortunate to have re-discovered writing. I now have an outlet for all those emotions I’ve been suppressing – things I can’t say out loud, I can voice through my writing. And the written word has power. You’ve probably heard the expression “power of the press.” That makes me feel empowered also.

Read more on Darcia’s blog, A Word Please

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