25 Years Ago Today: Guest Blog Guidelines for Published Authors

This guest blog feature is going on hiatus due to time constraints. If you’ve already written a column for the previously advertised open submission period, please query. If we have already touched base about being a guest before this hiatus went into effect, then that agreement will still be honored.

Over the coming months, I will be featuring guest authors of mystery, suspense, thriller, literary fiction, romance, non-fiction and other genres on this blog. Published authors who are interested in writing a 25 Years Ago Today column, please e-mail me through my web site.

Please note that this is a family-friendly blog and I need to keep the post content and book covers PG-13.  I ask that you follow this blog via Google Friend Connect or Networked Blogs if you plan on submitting a post. I will not be scheduling anyone until I have their materials in hand. If we touch base about penciling in a tentative date for a blog tour stop, your post must be submitted at least 30 days before that date.

Here are the guidelines below:

1. Use this question as a springboard to write a short article, about 200-250 words: What were you doing 25 Years Ago? This is a tie-in for my book Twenty-Five Years Ago Today. You can respond either for yourself, spinning a memory into a short article, or in the voice of one of your fictional characters – subtract 25 years from his/her age and make up a fictional moment from his/her past.

If responding as your character, please make this clear to me with a line such as: My character Cassidy Novak from the book Sink or Swim is answering this question. Try to keep it under 250 words. Have fun and feel free to be creative!

2. Include a short third person bio in paragraph form (try to keep around 100 words)

3. Low resolution jpeg of the book cover you wish to highlight

4. Low resolution jpeg of your headshot if you wish

5. link to your web site and/or blog

6. a one or two line teaser or description of the book or series that you are most actively promoting.

7. What category does your book (or books) fit into?

8. Optional – Would you like to do an e-book giveaway? Giveaways are posted on sites that list book-related contests. My blog is also connected to Giveaway Scout.com, which automatically scans thousands of blogs to bring their readers the latest blog giveaways, coupons, sweepstakes and contests.

9. Optional – If you have a blog, would you like to exchange reciprocal blog roll links? This blog is: https://stacyjuba.com/blog/blog/ If you would like to exchange links, please note that in your submission and include your blog link. Thank you for your interest and I hope to see your column!

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  1. Norma Huss says

    I would be happy to guest blog on this site. I’ll tell about my protagonist’s life 25 years ago today – when she was just starting her writing career, wrote for the trues, and eventually was the subject of a liar’s ‘tell-all’ book that accused her of murder.

  2. Tracy Krauss says

    I’d love to participate. I also replied to you on Book Marketing network. I’ll get on it and send something ASAP

  3. Stacy – This is a great subject.

    I would love to participate. It will be about myself, though, not a fictional character.

Stacy Juba