Something in Common: 5 Ways to Get Fit and Not Quit

As my blog readers know, every now and then I like to feature a topic that has “something in common” with one of my published books. Today’s topic is health and fitness, thanks to my guest writer Robert Boyd, the Managing Director of, leading suppliers of ‘capital’ sports equipment and wet pour safety surfaces.

What does health and fitness have to do with my books? Well, Cassidy Novak, the main character in my upcoming December release Sink or Swim, is a personal trainer. She works for a health club and dreams of launching her own chain of fitness centers. Cassidy is dedicated to helping clients reach their fitness goals, and she would give advice very similar to Robert’s advice below.

Here’s what Robert has to say about getting fit:

Incorporating new routines in your lifestyle requires commitment, time, and energy. Even if you know you want to be fit and you recognize your current choices are taking you down an unhealthy path, it is often difficult to get going on a new fitness regime. Getting over the first hill is usually the hardest, but later challenges seem much less menacing once you have established a rhythm of regular exercise and healthy eating.

When beginning your fitness regime, make some time early on for introspection and to honestly reflect on your goals. Devote a bit of energy and make a list of ideas. This will help you define what you hope to achieve and set realistic dates for doing so. Consider past attempts you have made to get fit. What things were most bearable in the short-term, and what habits have lasted? If everything seems to have failed up to this point, what have you not tried yet? Talk with your doctor, a personal trainer, and research the subjects of fitness and nutrition.

Setting goals is an essential part of the process, but in order to keep your motivation high, be sure that you are aiming for the achievable. Set daily goals and rewards for making it to each step along your path to fitness. This will build momentum, as small successes reinforce your routine and increase your motivation during the early days. Once you have managed to integrate activities into your regular routine, the chances of you quitting drop substantially. Staying fit becomes a lifestyle, rather than just a short-term goal.

If you struggle to get going at the beginning, try to form goals based around the activities in your life and the seasons. Summertime is a wonderful period to flaunt your successes, so it is a great idea to get going on your diet in the spring or late winter.

By the time beach weather arrives, you can reward yourself by purchasing a fabulous new swimsuit and heading down to the beach. You might also set specific dates around weddings or other special events, planning to slim down into a dress you have in mind. All of these occasions are wonderful ways to become more motivated when fitness goals seem far away.

Whether you are aiming for a specific event or just for summertime in general, be sure to plan on incremental change, especially in your eating habits. Rather than make drastic changes in your diet that will take pleasure out of your life, focus on reducing portion size and eating more slowly. Chewing more is better for your digestive system, and helps you feel full sooner. Good eating habits are a must as part of any new fitness regime.

Finally, from day one, do everything you can to enjoy the physical activity itself. Pair up with a friend if you go jogging, or create some great soundtracks for your exercise routine. Music is a wonderful motivator for many activities in life, and exercise is no exception. With inspiration tunes and friends to keep you on track, you are sure to reach your goals and get in shape for good.

Thanks so much, Robert, for sharing this inspirational article.

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  1. Alex J Cavanaugh says

    I’ve gone to the gym several times a week for years now. It’s a great way to relieve stress, too.

  2. network marketing says

    Ahh fitness. One comment I will say about that is that it is way easier to keep fit then to get in shape. Trust me

  3. Kiesha Vais says

    This is a useful post about fitness. I’m a student just trying to learn more about the fitness industry and I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work!

  4. Darcia Helle says

    Now this post made me feel horribly guilty that I have done nothing more than sit at my desk all day. Wait, does vacuuming count as exercise? I actually do love yoga. I find it inspires creativity, as well as relaxes me.

  5. Sylvia Dickey Smith says

    Nag, nag, nag!! LOL thanks for a great post. Good information, now if I will just go do it!

  6. Thanks for commenting, everyone. I feel a little guilty also. I was an exercise science major and have slacked off quite a bit myself…my favorites are aerobics and Tai Chi. But, yes, Darcia, I do think vacuuming counts as exercise. Unless, of course, you have one of those robot vacuum cleaners like I do…in which case, we’re back to slacking off.

Stacy Juba