Rollercoaster Month: Blog Woes, Book News & Hot Authors

It has been a rollercoaster month blog-wise. Some of my regular readers may have noticed that for the past few weeks, my blog has had some pretty weird stuff going on. In fact, it went totally haywire. Luckily, I’m on a new server now and the days of error messages are over. Whew! On a brighter note, I just finished taking the Blog Book Tours class and found it very educational. Thanks to the class, I made a few subtle tweaks to help make my blog more user-friendly.

Among the changes, you can find links to my 2009-2010 Virtual Book Tour for Twenty-Five Years Ago Today in the right margin under My 25 Years Ago Blog Tour Stops. Browse through the posts to discover my interviews, columns and excerpts on the host blogs.

Book-wise, things have been quite busy. The Smashwords summer sale runs through July 31st, and until then, you can purchase the ebook version of Twenty-Five Years Ago Today in multiple formats for just $2.24. Don’t forget to use the code SWS25 at checkout.

Production on my picture book The Flag Keeper will start in the next week or two. More on that in the coming weeks.

Here on the blog, in July, we celebrated a 25th wedding anniversary with mystery author Steve Liskow and his wife; mystery, children’s and fantasy author Camille LaGuire recalled writing her swashbuckler novel; zoo mystery author Ann Littlewood reflected on a time of career transitions; and Jenny Milchman told us about her start as a teenage writer.

In August, Unexpectedly, Milo author Matthew Dicks will admit to getting in trouble in high school; Mary Deal will give us an Aloha from Hawaii and share a fictional moment about her Down to the Needle characters; and J. R. Lindermuth will talk about his days of balancing parenthood, a newspaper career and his own personal writing. Also, my Mainly Murder Press pals Suzanne Young and Loni Emmert will drop by in August. Suzanne will let her character Edna Davies share a moment from the past, and Loni will dish about the music biz.

Check out all their books in my Amazon bookstore. Let’s hope for smoother sailing in August!

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  1. Kaye George says

    A blog tour class? I would never have dreamed of that! Glad your online problems are behind you.

  2. Hi Kaye, thanks for visiting! It was an interesting class. Got me to add a blog roll, something I was procrastinating on for a long time.

  3. Alex J Cavanaugh says

    I learned a lot in the class and made a few adjustments with my blog. Think I’m ready for my first tour this October!

  4. Your blog looks great, Alex. Good luck on the tour! I’ve been doing a lot of guest blogging here and there, but want to organize a more formal tour next year.

  5. Stacy, I’m sorry you had such a time of it with your blog during the entire class! Alex, you were a star pupil, no questions about it. Both of you are real pros anyway, but I’m glad the class helped. The most important thing is to post lots. Google loves that and so do your fans.

Stacy Juba