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I have some special giveaways planned for the coming months, including a $50 gift certificate to CSN Stores and a free ebook version of a hot new novel, so now is a good time to start following the blog. That way, you’ll be more in the loop and won’t miss out on a chance at prizes. I’m currently on the hunt for even more giveaways to offer my readers.

If you’re a Facebook user, there is a very convenient way for you to follow this blog. Click on the Networked Blogs icon in the left margin and hit the “follow my blog” button, (or click on the above link and follow the instructions) and then descriptions of new blog posts will automatically appear in your Facebook news feed.

I’ve found this the most convenient way to follow other blogs as I’ll see new postings when I’m on my Facebook home page. I’ll click on the posts that spark my interest to read the whole entry. You can also see blog posts, book news and giveaway items by joining my Facebook page.

If Facebook isn’t your thing, you can click the Follow This Blog’s Feed option on the left and have new posts delivered to one central place such as Google Reader. You can follow many other blogs using this option also, making it easy to keep up with the latest content from a large number of sites, all on a single reading list. Pretty neat! Apparently, some people use a reader to check in on their favorite blogs every day the same way one might visit a newspaper site for the latest headlines.

You can also use the Google Friend Connect option in the left margin. I have to admit, I don’t really understand how Google Friend Connect works, but I added the feature for those who know what to do with it!

Lastly, if you’re an avid Goodreads user you can become a fan on my Goodreads profile and follow my blog via Goodreads. The blog feeds through onto my profile page. Be sure to friend me on Goodreads also.

In the left margin of this blog, you’ll notice a Subscribe to Stacy Juba News Yahoo Groups icon. If you’d like to receive my newsletter in your email box, then be sure to join the group. This is not an interactive group and you will receive no more than 2-4 emails per year.

Below in the comments, let us know how you prefer to follow blogs. Do you use Networked Blogs? Google Reader? Do you just check in when you feel like it? And, if you have a blog, please share the link and give us a short description of your blog. Just one link per comment, though, or it will automatically be sent to a spam folder!

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  1. E. B. Davis says

    We use Networked Blogs and also have a link to Google Reader, but I personally like BSP from email lists so that I know the day’s topic. I follow so many blogs that I just don’t have time to review them all everyday. It would be terrific if there was a weekly email service listing blogs with that week’s blog titles or one sentence description of each day’s blog. Our blog, Writers Who Kill, can be found at Thanks for asking.

  2. I also have a blog about my First Lady Mystery Series which features the First Ladies.

  3. These look like great blogs. When the list looks complete, I’m going to go through and follow them all. I am going to leave this post featured all week, so keep adding your blogs and your following habits.

    It sure would be great if there was a weekly email service listing blogs and descriptions. That’s a great idea. I guess that’s what readers like Google Reader try to do, where you can pick several to watch and check in when you feel like it, but I never get around to checking in.

  4. Darcia Helle says

    I use Networked Blogs via Facebook. Like you said, Stacy, I can catch the information on the Facebook feeds. A lot of bloggers seem to focus on the Google follow. I had to open a Google account just to leave comments, because they don’t offer the option of just typing in your name & info. I never use my Google account other than to sign in to leave a comment and never check that e-mail account. So, not that you asked, but being forced to use Google is an irritation for me. 🙂

    I also have a blog folder in my favorites list, with all the blogs I like the visit. I work my way through that list whenever I have spare moments.

    My blog is: or They both go to the same page. Having both domains is part of my Gemini split personality. Oh, and you won’t find a Google follow option there. I’m rebelling!

  5. I have a bookmark file for blogs I read once in a while and another for blogs I read daily. I check the daily one’s out, well, daily. 🙂 and wonder through the other file once in a while if I have time. I also click on links from facebook and twitter if the post sounds interesting. I’ve not tried the networked blogs thing. I’ll have to look into it.

    I know I get most of the hits on my blog from posting it on facebook.
    If you’d like to take a look at KdBlog it’s

  6. Alex J Cavanaugh says

    I use my dashboard or Google Reader. Not on Facebook, so Networked Blogs is not an option.

  7. I used the Favorites listing on my Google page to keep track of the blogs I follow regularly. I try to read them every day but sometimes get a few days behind and then play catch-up. My own blog, “Judy’s Stew,” is a mix about writing, cooking, and grandchildren. My daughter-in-law named it. Check it out at

  8. Kathy Waller says

    I have a few e-mail subscriptions, but I follow most blogs using my Google homepage. My blog, “To write is to write is to write,” is about the obvious. When a cat sits on the keyboard or otherwise interrupts the process, I throw that in, too.

    to write is to write is to write

  9. Johnny Ray says

    This is a great site, I also write mysteries and thrillers. I also have about 20 blogs which can be found on my site and I am always looking for new ways to develop them.
    I added you on google friends and shared this on facebook for you.

    Johnny Ray

  10. I have a bookmark list I use to list the blogs I follow. That keeps traffic to manageable limits I can’t handle much more traffic than I get now (over 200 emails a day plus FB) Our website gets 3-400 visits daily so…

    My blog is fundamentally a review blog. I review everything I encounter, pretty much, but esp. crime fiction.

  11. Stephen Tremp says

    I’ve been organizing my blogs and will soon catagorize them in my blog roll. Maybe. I’m looking into Google Reader. Just need a little time to check it out and set things up.

    And I blog about writing, publishing, a series about science, CERN, and the Bible, and general stuff to help make life easier for other writers.

    And I recnetly had a contest for a new blogging banner for my site. Here is the winning entry: Take one blog, add murder, mayhem and a wormhole, and you’ve got BREAKTHROUGH. Welcome to chaos.

  12. I subscribe to feeds, though I also follow through Networked Blogs on Facebook.

    My blog, Marian Allen, deals with my writing (fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes), the writing life, the writing process, and life in the country and small town. I also post a writing prompt every day.

  13. Hi Stacy,
    I have a blog at:

    I’ve tried following other blogs various ways, through networked blogs on Facebook, by following pointers left on various mystery-oriented email loops, by having a bookmark list, etc., but the easiest for me to check is when I follow other Google/blogger-based blogs and they show up on my blogger home page. It’s not ideal, because the non-blogger blogs don’t show up, but it’s the easiest for me.

  14. I keep blogs in a list of favorites. Too much email for RSS and daiy reading. Evenings if I have a little time I’ll cruise my faves.I actually like to read posts apropos what writers are blogging about so I can decide if I want to read.

    My blogs are: (food, cats, writing) (Proust)

  15. Hi, Stacy,

    I guess I’m a little low-tech. I just stop in at favorite blogs randomly.

    I have a blog at that I call “It’s Like Making Sausage: Sometimes you don’t really want to know how books are made…” I give writing tips and answer all the publishing-related questions I get asked at book signings, like “Who decides what goes on the cover?” and “Where do you get your ideas?” and other related nonsense.

  16. Tina Whittle says

    I too like to follow blogs using the dashboard feature in Blogger. All of the blogs are through Blogger, so this is easy for me. The non-Blogger blogs I bookmark.

    I have a whole bunch of blogs for different purposes — one for my tarot reading, another for my church environmental groups, etc. — but my most public blog is The Mojito Literary Society at

    We’re a mixed genre bunch of writers — mystery, romance, speculative fiction — and we share interesting research, rants, and recipes that we discover in our writing lives.

  17. Maggie Bishop says

    Five of us Dames work together on the Dames of Dialogue blog and interview authors and other celebrities, post guest articles and post reviews. Stop by and visit sometime.

  18. Ann Littlewood says

    Stacy, you have a talent for picking great topics!

    I have WAY too many blogs in my Google Reader. I’m some 800 postings behind. Sigh. I hate to delete any…

    I’m blogging Mondays on tips for writers using MS Word. See if you find them helpful. Other postings are musings and mini-adventures on how humans and animals interact.

  19. Hi everyone,

    Just catching up after being away from my desk all week. Thanks to all of you for stopping by. Thanks for sharing on Facebook, Johnny.

    I went and checked out everyone’s blogs. It’s neat to see how each blog is so unique with its own voice and theme.

    It’s interesting that most blogs seem to have the Google Friend Connect option as the main following choice. I’ve signed up to follow several blogs in this way, but I’ve found it’s not a convenient way for me to follow blogs. Maybe it’s convenient for people who use Blogger, as Beth indicated.

    I just hardly ever check in on that dashboard so I miss a lot. It’s kind of like Google Reader for me…nice idea, but realistically, I don’t have time to check it. There are many more blogs I would follow and check in with if they had the Networked Blogs option as it’s a very convenient way for Facebook users to stay in the loop. Sometimes, I’ll click on an interesting blog link that I notice on Twitter, but I miss a lot on Twitter. I’ll click on blog links that are posted on various groups that I’m in if it sounds like an interesting topic.

    I guess the best way is to offer a variety of following options, and people can choose whatever is most convenient. I tried to offer a larger Google Friend Connect box on my blog, but the widget didn’t work with my margins so I had to go with a smaller one. Hopefully it serves the purpose.

Stacy Juba