‘The Flag Keeper’ Book Trailer On You Tube

I just wanted to share the book trailer video for my new patriotic children’s picture book The Flag Keeper, a story designed to educate children about U.S. flag etiquette. It includes discussion questions, flag facts, an activity and an educational fiction story. The book is perfect for parents to share with their children, as well as for classroom use and to share with Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops.

Elizabeth may be a little bear, but she treats the American flag with big respect. After Dad leaves for a trip, Elizabeth pledges to raise the flag all by herself and create her own Independence Day. More details about the The Flag Keeper will be coming soon, but in the meantime, the book is already available for purchase through Amazon and through The Flag Keeper e-store.

I hope you enjoy the video below.

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  1. Love the trailer, Stacy! Your children must be excited to see this and to have one of Mommy’s books that they can read!

  2. Very cute illustrations, and sounds like a great idea for a book! Wishing you much success x

  3. That’s cute!

Stacy Juba