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What better way to end “Fun With Food Week” than with a recommendation for a great recipe book? Killer Recipes, (L & L Dreamspell) compiled by author Susan Whitfield, is now available and features a variety of delicious recipes from mystery writers. Three of my recipes are included in the book: Terrormisu, Chicken Picatta and Tangy Cocktail Franks.

I have to admit, my husband is very amused that my name and recipes are included in a cookbook. We already established earlier in the week that I don’t like to cook. I’ve had some mishaps in the kitchen in the past, like Stupid Pizza. Don’t even ask. One time we were watching the King of Queens, the episode where Doug loans out Carrie to cook for his best friend the week before Thanksgiving. My jokester husband said he couldn’t do that to one of his friends…

But when I told him the recipes that I submitted for the cookbook, he verified that yes, Terrormisu is delicious and always a hit at cookouts. Chicken Picatta is the meal that he requests every year on his birthday. He admitted that was a good one and acknowledged that I’ve even modified the original recipe over the years, truly making it my own. He laughed outright about the Tangy Cocktail Franks, though, as it only has a couple ingredients and even a monkey can make it. He flipped through the pages of Killer Recipes and pointed out that my recipe had the least amount of ingredients of any in the book. Well, every cookbook needs some easy recipes in it!

And luckily, the book reflects the recipes of numerous authors so you just get my good recipes, not the bad ones! Best of all, all proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. Here is a sampling of the recipes and authors included in this fabulous book.

Lou Allin

* Bushwoman’s Bannock

Elaine Alphin

* Guilty Greek Shrimp

Cash Anthony

* Torn Spinach and Berry Salad
* Coo-Coo Coq au Vin
* Maced Moussaka

Allan Azouz

* Bourekas de Spinaka y Kezo

Linda Berry

* Ogeechee Pecan Bites
* Ogre’s Roll-ups

Maggie Bishop

* Twisted Pimento Cheese

Raven Bower

* Raven’s Apple Break
* Deadline Pintos & Corn Break
* Vampire-Free Pasta
* Daring Shepherd’s Lentil Pie

Pat Browning

* Spice-a-Roni
* Crabby Jambalaya

H.L. Chandler

* Dazed Angel Biscuits
* Bloody Marys
* Ghostly Gooseberry Pie
* Insomniac’s Overnight Coleslaw
* Hot tamale Pie

D.K. Christi

* Reckless Sailor’s Key Lime Dip

Mary Deal

* Stuffed-in-the- Trunk Mushrooms
* Mean Oatmeal Cookies
* Bleeding Hawaiian Breadfruit
* Slippery Elbows
* Vicious Vegetarian Lasagna
* Nut-Stuffed Acorn Squash

Kathleen Delaney

* Decadent Applesauce Cake

Jodi Diderrich

* Crushed Pineapple Torte
* Sliced Sweet Potato Apple Bake

Laura DiSilverio

* Bishop’s Bread

Keith Donnelly

* Clandestine Cheese Puffs
* Walloped Black Jack Pie
* Don’s Caesar Salad
* Mountain Center Diner’s French Fry Casserole
* Mary’s Country-Style Backbones

Conda V. Douglas

* Serial Killer Snicker Doodles

Carola Dunn

* Smashed Yams

Janet Durbin

* Suspect Peanut Butter Cookies

Elysabeth Elderling

* Lethal Fudge (no bake)

Melinda Elmore

* Deviled Eggs
* Radical Meatloaf

L. C. Evans

* Evil Gazpacho

Christy Tillery French

* Wacky Zucchini Bread
* Crazy Pumpkin Crisp
* Split Banana Cake
* Pretzeled Salad
* Perverted Pineapple Casserole

Bente Gallagher

* Warped Whoopie Pies

Marilyn Gardiner

* Grave-Robber’ s Coffee Mix
* Ornery Nut Spread
* Sherbert Smoothis Salad
* Corn Pone Pie

Betty Gordon

* Breakfast Before Mayhem

Amy Grech

* Audacious Shrimp Scampi

Beth Groundwater

* Fanatic’s Fruitcake Cookies
* Battered Vegetable Pancakes

Lynette Hall Hampton

* Cracked Coconut Pie
* Chilling Corn Salad
* Pepperocini Roast

Angelica Hart and Zi

* Killer Doll Dip
* Snake Dance Marinade

Michelle Hollstein-Matkins

* Howling Hot Apple Crisp
* Unfathomable Flourless Chocolate Cake
* Schizophrenic Sweet and Sour Pork
* Copious Cheesy Potatoes

Caitlyn Hunter

* Stirred-Up Apple Raisin Bread
* Creamed Cheese Dip
* Wicked Strawberry Pie
* Asian Pork Bites
* Shredded Apple Raisin Cole Slaw

Stacy Juba

* Cocky Franks
* Terrormisu
* Skinned Chicken Piccata

Teresa Leigh Judd

* Pumpin’ Bread
* Tell-Tale Tortoni

J.J. Keller

* Tainted Taco Soup

Susanne Marie Knight

* Murderous Sour Cream Muffins
* Tainted Tea Mix
* Feisty Mandarin Chicken Salad
* Dangerous Diner’s Chili
* Murder By Potato

Vicki Lane

* Ba’s Pound Cake
* Drowned Fish Chowder
* Plunger Mayonnaise
* Chopped Picadillo
* Filleted Catfish in the Manner of Vera Cruz
* Bold Butternut Squash

Joyce and Jim Lavene

* Mad Russian Tea

Miss Mae

* Meat Cleaver’s Taco Dip

Harol Marshall

* Flipped-Out Adirondack Flapjacks
* Jail House Asparagus or Broccoli Casserole
* Nut Case Tilapia
* Stolen Green Beans and Bacon

Tim Marquitz

* Demon-Fire Burritos
* Third-Degree Chicken Melt

James Mascia

* Assassin’s Apple Cabbage Soup
* Malevolent Buffalo Chicken Soup
* Potent Vegetarian Taco Soup
* Tetchy Garlic Tomato Sauce
* Ruthless Mediterranean Eggplant Lasagna

Iona McAvoy

* Clobbered Peach Cobbler

Mike Nettleton

* Sinister Scones

Judy Nichols

* Intense Cincinnati-Style Chili
* Kate’s Working Mom Pizza

Ernesto Patino

* Tortured Tortillas and Eggs

Anne Patrick

* Fiendish Fiesta Dip
* More Thrilling than Sex Cake
* Burglar’s Lasagna

Twist Phelan

* Pinnacle Peak Fry Bread

Cindy Keen Reynders

* Lawless Lexie’s Taco Salad
* Paws-itively Guilty Goulash
* Cop-a-Plea Pork Roast
* Gabe’s Jailhouse Ribs
* Saucy Lucy Spaghetti

Denise Robbins

* Pizza Witches
* Tipsy Chocolate Truffles
* Whipped Spezerillo

Carolyn J. Rose

* Mushrooms to Die For

Mark Rosendorf

* Sinful Sweet Potato Pie
* Wicked Tomato Basil Soup
* Cantankerous Corn Pudding
* Naughty Noodle Pudding
* On the Lamb Chops

Penny Rudolph

* Bueno New Mexican Posole
* Feuding New Mexico Black Bean Soup
* Horsing-Around Slaw
* Brazen New Mexico Salmon
* Tequila Chicken

T.L. Ryder

* Ruptured Dates
* Zombie’s Roast Turkey

Cindy Sample

* Outrageous Hot Chipotle Cake
* Trifled-With Chocolate

L. J. Sellers

* Lethal Three-Layer Fiesta Dip

Jacqueline Seewald

* Killer Cornbread Recipe
* Mystery Meatloaf

Kim Smith

* Cagey Breakfast Casserole
* Riveting Garlic Bread
* Easy Prey Rollups

Sylvia Dickey Smith

* Cutthroat Chocolate Pie

Morgan St. James

* Deadly Sisters Blueberry Breakfast Bake
* Illegally Easy Salad

Marta Stephens

* Flamed Indiana Fried Cabbage

Jane Toombs

* Bread Machine Finnish Limpa

J. D. Webb

* Mean McLean’s Famous Mac ’N Cheese
* Sauced Shepherd’s Pie

Loretta Wheeler

* Malicious Mosquito Toast

Susan Whitfield

* Cold Shot Brandy Alexander
* Nutty Brie
* Brittle Bones
* Evil Chocoholic’s Pie
* Pistol-Whipped Peacns
* Black-Eyed Salad
* Freaky Fried Apples
* Peppered Relish
* Egged Asparagus Casserole
* Grated Seafood Casserole
* Speared Broccoli Casserole
* Seedy Korean Beef
* Shotgun Chili
* Cracked Eggplant Parmesan
* Drunken Baked Bean
* Electrocutioner’ s Zucchini Sticks
* Pop-Eyed Spinach Pie

Karen Wiesner

* Breaded Pork Chops

Gayle Wigglesworth

* Coffin-oozing Brie (Baked Brie)
* Deadly Chocolate Pudding Cake
* Killer Cookies

Nancy Means Wright

* Boozed-up Figgy Pudding
* Guillotine Tuiles

Suzanne Young

* Deadly-icious Cracker Spread
* Sin-sational Shrimp Pasta

Convinced yet? You can check out Killer Recipes in my Amazon bookstore here. The book is available in print and ebook formats.

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