5 Overlooked Methods To Create Enthusiastic Readers

I’d like to welcome my guest Margo Smith. To celebrate the brand new release of my patriotic children’s picture book The Flag Keeper, I invited Margo to share her terrific article on how parents can encourage their children to read. Here is what Margo has to say:

An innumerable list of activities in children’s worlds may get in the way of reading. There is a greater abundance of distraction than ever before to get in the way of their familiarity with a printed book. If it is not the newest video game or other popular online games, it may be friends, music, sports, or schoolwork hat take up the bulk of their time.

It is usual for parents to desire better lives for their children, and
reports have demonstrated that a reader’s life is more enhanced than those who are not readers. Sadly, illiteracy is a growing concern in the United States. Being unable to read lessens the likelihood of a happy and successful life. Nobody wants those depressing statistics to apply to their offspring. To prevent this, this list has been compiled to help you help your child move forward toward a love of reading

Cover of the children's picture book The Flag Keeper written by Stacy Juba and illustrated by Larry Drumtra. Click on the picture for more information.

5. Collect beloved books for your child. Construct a cherished and
personalized library inside your house, perhaps even in your child’s living space.

4. Read in short increments. Reading for a brief space of time does a good job of introducing your child to reading without being overwhelming. Make sure it’s brief and you’ll be able to make it entertaining. Keeping your read-aloud sessions a bit shorter than they might prefer can also work well for children advanced enough to be reading chapter books. If you finish reading, for example, just as it starts to get good, they will very likely read on their own just to see what happens. Their curiosity will be piqued about what happens next. You will be able to congratulate yourself for helping your children become excited about reading.

3. Have a set time and place for reading aloud. You can pick out a spot for reading after lunch – or as an end of the day activity before bedtime – whatever matches your child and your circumstances will be effective. Reading can help you establish a habit for your child that you each will eagerly anticipate daily.

2. Rhyming games are an effective introduction to reading. There is a
natural appeal of poetry that draws children. Poetry – specifically the
happy-go-lucky and playful rhymes collected for children – is a cheerful
avenue to start them on the path of recognizing the pattern meter and
cadence of language.

1. The best way to have children who are readers is to be a reader yourself. Make certain your children observe how much you enjoy reading on your own. Talk about reading and don’t be too timid to show your enthusiasm for reading. Show them how much you enjoy being a reader and be enthusiastic about books.

Try these techniques, and remember that if you love to read your children will likely love it too. The more frequently they view words and books, the more engrossed they will be as readers. So mix it up but above all, have a good time with reading and these positive associations will last forever.

Thank you so much for your great advice, Margo! Here is a little bit more about our special guest. Margo Smith is a graduate of Brigham Young University. She enjoys writing about a variety of subjects from cloning to classes online to reading. She draws from her own education, her years in college and an author’s perspective on life when compiling articles.

Parents, please share your favorite children’s books in the comments and tell us what type of reading routines have worked in your household.

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  1. Margo, great ideas. I started reading to my kids as soon as they came home from the hospital and as they got older, I read out loud to them at bedtime. Now they are both avid readers. It’s the greatest gift I’ve given to my children.

  2. One time we read a bunch of those Usborne Touch and Feel books, and then we made some “books” of our own using different fabrics, ribbons and crinkly craft materials.

Stacy Juba