Passing On ‘The One Lovely Blog Award’ to Deserving Blogs

I was thrilled to receive The One Lovely Blog Award, passed onto me from Marian Allen, who blogs about fantasies, mysteries, comedies and recipes. As a recipient, I’m told that I can now pass the award on to 15 other bloggers.

So here are some terrific blogs that I’m passing the award onto, in no particular order:

1. Darcia Helle’s A Word Please
2. Sunny Frazier’s Murder Circle
3. West of Mars – Win A Book
4. Deanna Jewel’s “Deanna’s Tidbits”
5. Jenny Milchman’s Suspense Your Disbelief
6. Susan Whitfield’s Blog
7. Monica Brinkman’s Meaningful Writings
8. Susan Schreyer’s Things I Learned From My Horse
9. Writers Who Kill
10. KD Easley’s KD Blog
11. Susie Kline’s Motherhoot
12. The Writing Loft
13. Linda Faulkner’s Author Exchange Blog
14. Chris Redding Blog Spot
15. Mike Angley’s Blog

I hope you’ll stop in and visit these fantastic blogs, and that some of the bloggers will pass on the award to other deserving blogs. And speaking of awards, for those of you who have been following my Flag Keeper Book Launch, Alisha L. was the winner of the CSN Stores $50 gift card and Curtis T. was the winner of the patriotic teddy bear.

Thanks to everyone for entering, and I hope you’ll check out my new picture book The Flag Keeper, which teaches children about U.S. flag etiquette through a fun fiction story, flag facts and discussion questions. For a limited time, you can get the book for $5.99 by visiting and typing 89QHJ9FV at checkout.

I’m working on another big online launch party bash for January 2011 to celebrate my upcoming reality show mystery novel Sink or Swim and the fun will include a gift certificate giveaway and a free ebook-and-book-giveaway-extravaganza thanks to my generous author friends.

Before that in November or early December, I’ll also be offering more giveaways including a chance to win free jewelry. So, if you enjoy giveaway contests, stay tuned! And in the meantime, stop by the above blogs to meet some talented writers.

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  1. Stacy, I am honored! Thank you for including me, and I definitely agree that you deserved being singled out like that.

    I will pass on the award in a post tomorrow…Going to catch up on 25 years ago today now.

  2. Hi Jenny, I love your blog! I’m glad you saw it – it’s on my to-do list to send everyone the link tonight, but I had to step away from the computer for awhile!

  3. Susan Schreyer says

    Stacy, Thank You! What a delight to open my email this evening and see your message! I’m honored, and will proudly display the award on my blog (wait ’til I tell Eddie! He’ll be thrilled–and expect a treat!).

  4. Deanna Jewel says

    Hi Stacy! Thank you so much! What a great surprise, thank you. I’m glad others enjoy reading the interviews on my blog!

  5. Monica Brinkman says

    Stacy, what a wonderful surprise to open my e-mail and see my blog site Meaningful Writings on your 15 blog award sites.

    I will definitely pass on the honor to 15 other deserving bloggers.

    Your site is wonderful also.

  6. Thanks for the honor, Stacy. Blogging takes time and effort–we hope everyone likes our blogs and guests. There are quite a few blogs that I love. We’ll be happy to pass on the kudos!

  7. Susan Whitfield says

    Stacy, thank you very much! It has been my pleasure to have you and hundreds of other writers on my blog. Best Wishes!

    Susan Whitfield
    The Logan Hunter Series:
    Genesis Beach
    Just North of Luck
    Hell Swamp
    Sin Creek
    Killer Recipes

  8. Salvatore Buttaci says

    Congratulations to my friend and fellow author Monica Brinkman! You certainly deserve this blog award because you work hard to promote, not only your own work, but also the books of others. Kudos to the deserving!

    Salvatore Buttaci

  9. Thank you for the honor. Your blog is so full of activity that encourages interaction between bloggers. we’ll be happy to pass on the award to other blogs.

  10. Darcia Helle says

    Thank you, Stacy! I’m honored to be included among such great company!

  11. I was honored that Marian included me in her list also. I don’t know where this viral award started, but it’s a really nice idea. You all have excellent blogs so how could I not pass it onto all of you. And Susan, give Eddie that treat!

  12. Linda Faulkner says


    Thank you for the honor. What a great way to meet even more people–and even more terrific blogs!


  13. Kaye George says

    How very, very cool! And how nice of you to not only pass the award along, but to post it here, too. Lovely! Congrats to all the recipients.

  14. This award is so neat the way its making its way around the Internet – I just got nominated for a second time by my friend Maria Savva. Thanks, Maria, and I hope all of you deserving recipients enjoy passing on the kudos to other blogs.

Stacy Juba