Limited Time Offer — Get Mystery Novels for 99 Cents on Kindle Through January 2nd

If you got a Kindle for Christmas or enjoy reading books using the Kindle apps, I have a special limited time offer. I’m embarking on a huge marketing campaign for my books in 2011 and as a small baby step, I’m working to get my novels better featured in the Amazon system. I hope this will raise awareness about the trade paperback versions of Twenty-Five Years Ago Today and Sink or Swim, as well as the Kindle editions. The better a title’s Amazon ranking, the more lists it becomes featured on and the more likely that Amazon readers will stumble across it. Also, Amazon readers will often review books they’ve purchased and sometimes cross-post these reviews on sites such as Goodreads, Library Thing, Shelfari and their own blogs.

Since so many people received Kindles for Christmas, this seemed like a good time to experiment with a short-term sale as a method of getting the word out. As a result, I’m offering Twenty-Five Years Ago Today and Sink or Swim for 99 cents on Kindle through January 2. On January 3, I’ll be bringing both titles up to full price, where I expect them to remain for the rest of the year. If you enjoy reading Kindle books, please feel free to take advantage of this special offer and if you have a friend who owns a Kindle, it takes less than a minute to send a Kindle book as a gift by clicking the Give As a Gift option.

Happy New Year!

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