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I reported earlier that as a tie-in to my brand new mystery novel Sink or Swim, I’m launching a guest blog feature that involves literary characters competing in a mock on-line season of my fictional reality show. Authors will be able to enter their characters into the contest and the three posts with the highest number of unique visitors at the end of the year will be declared the winners. I recently did a sample interview written from the perspective of my Sink or Swim character Cassidy Novak. I thought it would be fun to also interview my Twenty-Five Years Ago Today character Kris Langley. All contestants in the mock season of Sink or Swim will receive the same questions.

Character’s name, age and place of residency:
Kris Langley, 27, Fremont, Massachusetts

1. Tell us about the book or series you’re from.
I’m from Twenty-Five Years Ago Today by Stacy Juba. Here’s the blurb: For twenty-five years, Diana Ferguson’s killer has gotten away with murder. When rookie obit writer and newsroom editorial assistant Kris Langley investigates the cold case of the artistic young cocktail waitress who was obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology, she must fight to stay off the obituary page herself. Lucky for me, it has a little romance mixed into all that fighting for my life stuff.

2. What is something about yourself that no one else knows?
I murdered my cousin Nicole…or rather, I felt like I did. I played a horrible prank on her when we were kids, which led to her being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was abducted and…killed. I grew up. She didn’t.

3. Tell us about an unusual job or hobby that you’ve had?
I’m an obit writer and newsroom editorial assistant, working the graveyard shift. I’ve had to calm down irate callers who were annoyed that we messed up the crossword puzzle. I need to decide whose orders to follow when my editors fight. I know every funeral director within a 50 mile radius. And I’ve had to listen to Bridezillas who got bent out of shape because of the order that I listed the bridesmaids’ names in their wedding announcement. It’s never boring.

4. What is the strangest or most exciting thing that has ever happened to you?
Stumbling across Diana Ferguson’s murder on the microfilm and knowing that I might be the one to solve it after 25 years. I’m interviewing her family and old friends, trying to nail her killer. Her nephew, Eric Soares, is helping me investigate the case, making it hard to concentrate with all that chemistry between us. I also got my first newspaper byline recently, which was really exciting.

5. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
I’ve give some of the money to families of cold case homicides so that they could use it as a reward for people who come forward with information. I’d also look into giving some money to police departments to help with the running of their cold case units.

6. Please tell us your author’s name and web sites.
My author is Stacy Juba, who also wrote the mystery novel Sink or Swim and the patriotic children’s picture book The Flag Keeper. She has a young adult paranormal crossover book, Dark Before Dawn, coming out in January 2012 and will be re-releasing her young adult novel Face-Off in the near future. Visit the Books tab for more information about her novels, and the Store tab for buy links.

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