Author Promo Opp! Literary Characters Wanted for Mock Sink or Swim Reality Show!

This guest blog feature is going on hiatus due to time constraints. If you’ve already written an interview for the previously advertised open submission period, please query. If we have already touched base about being a guest before this hiatus went into effect, then that agreement will still be honored.

Wanted! Contestants for a new reality show! There are two catches, though. I’m looking for contestants who don’t exist, because quite frankly, the reality show doesn’t exist either. I just needed to clarify that point so my made-up contestants don’t clamor at me and demand a million dollar prize.

Have I lost you yet? Let me explain. I have a brand new mystery suspense novel called Sink or Swim. In the book, Sink or Swim is a reality TV show where contestants slave aboard a Tall Ship as crew members – the unlucky sucker who gets voted off each week must walk the plank. Because of the show’s initials, it has the nickname SOS. The SOS also has double meaning in the book as my character Cassidy gets into some hot water. After appearing on the show, she returns to her normal life and captures the attention of a killer who wants her to walk the plank for real. You can read more about the book here.

Hence, I am holding a mock Sink or Swim season on my blog in 2011. Here are the rules:

First, I ask that you follow this blog via Google Friend Connect or Networked Blogs if you plan on submitting a post. Also, please note that:  I will not be scheduling anyone until I have their materials in hand. If we touch base about penciling in a tentative date for a blog tour stop, your post must be submitted at least 30 days before that date.

WHO CAN ENTER: I am seeking literary characters from published books to fill out a guest blog interview/contestant application. I’ve published a couple of samples so that authors can see the format. Read the interviews with Cassidy Novak from Sink or Swim and Kris Langley from Twenty-Five Years Ago Today. Your interview will be published in the same format.

APPLICATION: Authors, please fill out the below contestant application and e-mail it to stacy (at) Interviews will be published in the order they are received and I will let you know your scheduled date so that you can promote it. As you’ll see below, promoting your guest spot is an important part of the process.

1. Please state the character’s name, age and place of residency.

2. Now it’s time for YOUR CHARACTER to answer the Sink or Swim 6. Please answer each question in about 75 words or less – approximately one paragraph per response. Important – Please include the question along with your answer, or else it takes twice as long for the post to be edited. Only posts that follow these instructions exactly can be accepted.
* Tell us about the book or series you’re from. You can include one buy the book link from a site such as Amazon.
* What is something about yourself that no one else knows?
* Tell us about an unusual job or hobby that you’ve had?
* What is the strangest or most exciting thing that has ever happened to you?
* What would you do if you won a million dollars?
* Please tell us briefly about your author and list web sites.
* OPTIONAL – would you like to give away an e-book to one or more commenters, to encourage more visitors to stop by? Giveaways are posted on sites that list book-related contests. My blog is also connected to Giveaway, which automatically scans thousands of blogs to bring their readers the latest blog giveaways, coupons, sweepstakes and contests.
* OPTIONAL – If you have a blog, would you like to exchange reciprocal blog roll links? This blog is: If you would like to exchange links, please note that in your submission and include your blog link.

* Just in case you wind up as one of the winners, please include extra material with your submission so that I will have it readily available if needed – this might be an embedded book trailer, a book excerpt, a synopsis or a Reader’s Guide, for example. See below for more information.

3. Please paste all of the information into a Word file or text file. (no Doc.X files please) Attach a jpeg of one book cover.

4. At least three winners will be chosen at the end of the season. The winners will be the characters who brought in the highest number of unique commenters. To increase your chances of winning, authors please promote your guest blog appearance on the scheduled date and encourage comments. The three winners will be honored during a special All Stars appearance at the end of the season and will receive the extra publicity of their choice, such as having their book trailer, excerpt, or synopsis displayed on the blog.

Winners will be notified at the end of the year. The season will run from January-December 2011. If you aren’t named a winner, don’t despair. All contestants will be recalled during a special Fan Favorites segment at the end of the season.

Please be assured that this is a friendly competition and only positive comments will be allowed. Please note that this is a family-friendly blog and I need to keep the post content and book covers PG-13.

That’s it! I hope to see your characters soon on Sink or Swim…where Reality TV turns to murder!

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  1. Please note that as of 1/15/11, I am scheduling into mid-March and I plan to run one guest post a week. I schedule them in the order they are received, unless the author would like me to hold it until a specific time-frame. Thanks!

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