Skye Summers from The Cutting Edge

Today’s contestant on the fictional reality show Sink or Swim is Skye Summers from my good friend Darcia Helle’s book The Cutting Edge. Here’s a recap of the rules: the three literary characters with the highest number of unique commenters to their post will be chosen as winners at the end of the year. Here are Skye’s responses to the Sink or Swim 6. Be sure to leave Skye and Darcia some questions or comments to help them make it into the finals!

1. Tell us about yourself and the book or series you’re from.
I assume you’ll need my full name. I’m Lilly Skye Destiny Summers. My parents had acid hangovers when they named me. They thought LSD Summers was a perfect moniker for a child conceived in a commune during an especially hot July. But you didn’t ask all that. Please don’t call me Lilly. I go by Skye Summers. I’m 37 and I live in Whitman, Massachusetts. The book you’ll find me in is The Cutting Edge by Darcia Helle. It’s available in a bunch of places, in various formats.

2. What is something about yourself that no one else knows?
No one else, not even my husband? Wow, I’m not sure there’s anything left that hasn’t been spilled in the pages of The Cutting Edge. And Scott knows everything about me. Wait, okay, maybe not everything. When I was 17, I thought I was in love. My boyfriend wanted to get tattoos of each other’s names on our upper arms. He went first. When my turn came, I chickened out. We broke up three days later.

3. Tell us about an unusual job or hobby that you’ve had?
Most people think it’s weird that I’ve taken part in hundreds of protests. I’m a fairly good artist and, at the age of seven, I started painting elaborate protest signs. We – being my parents and our commune family – protested animal cruelty at various labs and factory farms. We protested a few political issues, as well, but it was mostly about the horrible things humans do to animals.

4. What is the strangest or most exciting thing that has ever happened to you?
That’s all documented in the book. A serial killer apparently fell in love with me. I won’t tell you what happened because Darcia gets irritated when I spoil things for her readers.

5. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
I would buy a house out in the country, on at least five acres of land, and open a dog rescue. I’d take on the most challenging cases, dogs that have been abused or severely neglected and need to be rehabilitated.

6. Please tell us your author’s name and web sites.
Her name is Darcia Helle and you can find her hanging out in these places:
Message Board:

Be sure to leave some comments below and to check out The Cutting Edge on Amazon. And did you know that Skye and my character Cassidy from Sink or Swim are old friends? In fact, Skye is Cassidy’s hairdresser. After you finish up here, stop by Darcia’s blog to read a fictional scene between Cassidy and Skye that offers a fun glimpse at both books.

For newcomers: readers, I hope you’ll follow the blog closely via one of the follow options in the sidebars such as Google Friend Connect, Networked Blogs, Goodreads or Kindle. At the end of the year, the characters that drew in the most unique visitors to their interview will be declared the winners. For more information on the mock online season of Sink or Swim, inspired by the mystery novel of the same name, you can view the rules and application form here.

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  1. Darcia Helle says

    Stacy, thank you having Skye on your blog today!

  2. I’m happy to have Skye here. I loved the hairdressing scenes in The Cutting Edge and reading Skye’s thoughts about what it’s like to be a burned out hairdresser, and the shocking journey that she undergoes through the course of the book. Readers, if you haven’t read this book yet, you’ve never read anything like this! We’re talking bestseller material here.

    I am reading your book Hit List right now, more than halfway through – this one is terrific also! What a blockbuster concept – what do you do if your normally sane mother loses her mind one day? Later in the year, the Hit List investigator Lucianna Martel might have to come on the Sink or Swim “show!”

  3. Darcia Helle says

    I’m humbled by your praise, Stacy. And I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying Hit List. I really enjoyed Lucianna’s character. And I loved Vinnie! He popped up as what was supposed to be a filler character, with just a small part here and there. But his personality took over and he demanded more of a part in the story.

    As I typed those words, I realized how little control I have over my characters. 🙂

  4. RJ McDonnell says

    I just finished reading The Cutting Edge last week and gave it a five star rating. I loved the way Skye’s fantasy and real worlds reached a nexus in the climax.

  5. Darcia Helle says

    Thank you, RJ!

  6. I cannot help but wonder what is hidden in YOUR freezer… #supportyourlocalhairstylist!

  7. Skye is my hero!! Her hair drama and her surgically sharpened shears are the best. Makes my day at the salon a little brighter. 🙂

  8. Darcia Helle says

    BoJangles, you’ll only find Ben & Jerry in my freezer. I won’t say whether that’s the ice cream brand or people I’m referring to. 🙂

    Stacey, thank you! My clients would not have been happy if I’d written that one while still working as a stylist. I’m sure you can relate!

  9. I love Vinnie in Hit List also. My cousin read The Cutting Edge and just passed it onto a hairdresser friend – I’m sure all stylists will be able to relate to it!

  10. Maria Savva says

    Great interview, Stacy and Darcia 🙂
    I’ll have to tell my sister to read this book as she’s a hairdresser.
    Skye actually comes across as quite normal in this interview, it’s her parents who sound a bit deranged 🙂
    I can’t wait to read this book.

  11. Lainey Bancroft says

    Great interview, ladies.

    Skye, you sound like my kind’a gal. Anyone who could grow up tagged ‘LSD Summers'(tee hee) and NOT have a teen boyfriend’s name tattooed on her arm has got to be pretty level headed and cool.

    We should do lunch…complete with martinis, of course. Or would you prefer margaritas? And what should I do with this ’80’s hair of mine? Haven’t had it cut in eons. Hairdressers scare me…except you. 😮

  12. Darcia Helle says

    Lainey, Skye and I are happy to hear that she doesn’t frighten you. After giving away all those secrets, most people won’t let her close with those scissors! 🙂

Stacy Juba