Detective Joseph Aloysius Rafferty from Deadly Reunion

Today’s contestant on the fictional game show Sink or Swim is Detective Inspector Joseph Aloysius Rafferty from Deadly Reunion, A Rafferty & Llewellyn crime novel by Geraldine Evans. (Publication: February 24 (UK) June 1 (US.) The Detective Inspector is stopping here as part of Geraldine’s blog tour.

Detective Inspector Joseph Aloysius Rafferty, 41, lives in the fictitious town of Elmhurst in Essex England. The detective needs your comments to advance to the Sink or Swim finals – the three characters whose posts draw in the highest number of unique commenters at the end of the year will be declared the winners. Here are his responses to the Sink or Swim 6.

1. Tell us about the book or series you’re from.
The Rafferty & Llewellyn crime series is a humorous series with a funny sub-plot. I’m a working-class copper, brought up on a south London Council estate. My family are the cross I have to bear in life. They tend to go in for under-the-counter deals and buying suspect ‘bargains’. I live in fear of one of them being found out in their illegalities and damaging/destroying my career. And when you add murder to the brew, you can see that a policeman’s lot in the Rafferty family is not always a happy one.

2. What is something about yourself that no one else knows?
No one else knows that I still have a yen for the builder’s life: the life that I missed out on when I joined the police.

3. Tell us about an unusual job or hobby that you’ve had?
An unusual job or hobby that I’ve had? Hmm. I started working as a police cadet soon after I left school, so I haven’t really done any other work. Hobbies? As a police officer in the CID, I don’t really have time for hobbies, though I suppose doing a nice bit of DIY fits the bill. I suppose, too, my other little hobby is a secret one: keeping assorted members of my family out of jail without my bosses suspecting.

4. What is the strangest or most exciting thing that has ever happened to you?
The strangest/most exciting thing to happen to me was when I signed up with a dating agency and ended up investigating a double murder, with me, or rather, my alter ego, in the frame for the crimes. Strange AND exciting. Well, it terrified me. The book that tells this particular story is Dying For You.

5. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
If I won a million dollars I’d probably try to save most of it, but I doubt Abra, my new wife, would let me. So I suppose we’d do the usual things: new kitchen, new wardrobes, plenty of holidays. And I’d rather like to play the markets and invest in stocks and shares with some of it.

6. Please tell us briefly about your author and list web sites.
My author is Geraldine Evans. She thought me up in the early nineties and hardnose that she is, she gave me my on-going predicaments of a family involved in low-level crime and a partner who is morally, educationally and socially, my superior. And then there’s Superintendent Bradley and cousin Nigel and Father Kelly… But thinking about them gives me a headache so I won’t even go there. Geraldine is a Londoner, but moved to Norfolk in England in 2000. She is married to George and is two years away from celebrating their silver anniversary. Here’s her website details: and here’s her blog address: The latest book can be purchased on Amazon in the U.S. and in the UK.

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  1. Geraldine Evans says

    Hi Stacy, Thanks for hosting me on my blog tour. It’s the last day today, which feels a bit strange. It’s been exciting checking every day for new comments from readers. I’m definitely no longer a virgin at blog touring! Cheers. .Geraldine

  2. You must be exhausted! I hope you’ve had lots of book sales, though!

  3. Geraldine Evans says

    Yes, I’ve made loads of sales – far more than I ever hoped for – and such an improvement on my January sales! It’s almost enough to make me want to do a blog tour every month… or maybe not!