Book Review Block Party – 21 Reviews in 1 Week and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I’m very excited to announce my Book Review Block Party! A few months ago, I contacted book bloggers seeking several individuals willing to review Twenty-Five Years Ago Today and/or Sink or Swim during the first week in March. Rather than doing a traditional blog tour, where I would write guest posts at various blog stops, I wanted to do a book review tour. I assured the bloggers that I was seeking honest, but fair reviews and explained that I wanted to see whether a flurry of Internet publicity in one week would make an impact. A burst of sales at one time can affect rankings and prompt retail sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble to feature a book more, causing additional readers to stumble across it.

Boy, are book bloggers wonderful! I was fortunate to find nearly two dozen reviewers who were willing to meet my time-frame and help get the word out. Not only did they follow through on meeting the time-frame, but they all wrote lengthy, in-depth reviews giving ample information for their audiences to decide for themselves whether it was a book they might wish to read. Many reviewers also cross-posted their reviews on sites such as Goodreads, Library Thing, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Shelfari. Below are the reviewers who participated in my experiment, along with snippets from their reviews. I’d like to thank them for taking the time not only to read my work, but also to write about my work and introduce my words to their readers.

If you like to read, I hope you’ll check out and follow the below blogs as you’ll find an abundance of reviews. As many of you know, I am giving away a $10 Amazon gift card in the Buzz My Books Giveaway— two if I reach 500 GFC blog followers by March 19 at 11:59 p.m. If you tweet or share any of the below reviews, please leave me a comment on the contest post and you can receive an entry for each sharethere you’ll find a list of shortened URLs, which includes the links below, for easy copying, pasting and sharing on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Just leave a separate comment on that post for each share so that your entries will all be counted. That post will also walk you through other simple ways to gain entries, such as following the blog.

Sink or Swim Reviews:

The Minding Spot – “Stacy Juba pens an entertaining tale with just the right mix of suspense. The pages flew by quickly as I found myself immersed in Cassidy’s story. The characters are vibrant and well developed set against a realistic reality show. The stalker isn’t easy to pinpoint either! Ms. Juba navigates us through twists and turns and surprises that will leave you with a highly satisfied conclusion. A very gratifying read!”

Juniper Grove – “Sink or Swim is a quick read and is one of those books that sucks you in and won’t let you stop reading until the very end. Will you guess right as to who the stalker really is? Read Sink or Swim to find out!”

My Reading Room – “If you enjoy a good mystery with great characters then Sink or Swim is the book for you. The reality show element is really in the background so if you hate reality shows don’t let this put you off of an excellent book. If you love reality shows, this is a great book with the reality show in the background. Either way – it’s a good book and will entertain you for several hours.”

Tic Toc Reviews – “This is a great whodunit mystery with a thread of romance throughout. Be careful what you wish for, it may not be what you expect when you are gifted just that.”

Tifferz Book Review – “This was a fun mystery that kept me captivated from the first few chapters. The plot was great and the story moved right along. I found myself rooting for Cassidy she seemed so real to me.The characters in Sink or Swim were well developed with a great mix personalities. Whether you like reality TV or not I think you will enjoy this book.”

Kelsey’s Book Corner – “Love, love Cassidy! She is a very believable character. Juba has done a great job making this book seem like something that had actually happened. I never knew who the actually stalker was (which is a HUGE plus in my book). Cassidy also never made those irritating classic air-headed decisions that really annoy me. The book has a few twists and turns that keep it interesting and builds up to a great conclusion. I definitely recommend this book…:)”

Peeking Between the Pages – “This novel really surprised me and had me flipping pages faster than ever to find out what was going to happen. It’s a thriller, mystery and just a plain good read all rolled into one that kept me guessing throughout.”

Emeraldfire’s Bookmark – “I really enjoyed this story. I must admit that I am not really into the reality show craze, but this held my attention throughout. I give it an A+!”

Once Upon A Twilight – “Overall I recommend this book because it’s a good story.”

Twenty-Five Years Ago Today Reviews:

The Romance Reviews – “A satisfying mystery with a layered plot. The characters are believable and memorable. They are so well crafted that the villains also leave you wondering where their off-page story may lead them. Using her characters, Ms. Juba builds a suspenseful mystery that also manages to delve deeply into the complexities of family dynamics, grief, guilt and forgiveness. She also paints a wonderfully realistic portrait of small town life and the activity of a small town newsroom.” Review by Veronica Marie Beaumont.

Tic Toc Book Reviews – “This is a story of murder, but also the story of hope. Well written, the drama and the story flow is excellent. I love a good whodunit, and this story does not disappoint. The characters are wonderful, people you would meet anywhere. Kris is bold and intuitive, and yet she still has a vulnerability that draws you in. And what good is a great mystery without a love story. This book has it all.”

Becks Book Picks – “Stacy Juba weaves a wonderful story and mystery. She shows us who Diana Ferguson really was and not just what people read in the newspaper article. This is a great book and anyone who is looking to get lost in a good mystery will definitely enjoy this one.”

Surrounded By Books Reviews – “Twenty-Five Years Ago Today delivers mystery, intrigue, and will hound you like a Greek Fury after you’re finished with it to read more from this fantastic author.”

The Caffeinated Diva Reads – “The supporting characters were easily as intriguing as the lead, particularly those in Diana’s family. Juba does a very good job of creating believable characters.The conclusion made the story for me. It was so unexpected for me and I absolutely love the element of surprise in a genre that all too often can be too formulaic. A great read that should NOT be overlooked!”

Cheryl’s Book Nook – “This is a wonderful story! Well written, great personality in the lead character and a mystery that doesn’t let up. The scenarios have you thinking someone did it, but he really didn’t. Someone else did, though and the end is a total surprise. My favorite kind!”

I’d So Rather Be Reading – “I really enjoyed this mystery. I liked the writing style, I liked the character development, and I liked the twist at the end, which I was not at all expected. The pacing made for a fast read and kept me reading long past when I meant to stop reading!”

Once Upon a Twilight – “Twenty-Five Years Ago Today is a murder mystery with a splash of romance and a surprise ending. Stacy Juba does a wonderful job giving you just enough details through the book to keep you guessing all the way to the end.”

Tifferz Book Review – “Twenty-Five Years Ago Today is a gripping murder mystery with a touch of romance. I loved that I was guessing who the killer is till the end.”

Reading Through Life…One Page At A Time – “Twenty-Five Years Ago Today is a well written story with a well written plot and wonderful imagery. Stacy Juba was able to write a fascinating story that was easy to fall into and become consumed with.”

CMash Loves to Read – “The suspense held my interest during the entire book. It was well written with relateable characters. However, my thoughts throughout the book was how believable could the story line be with an editorial assistant cracking a 25 year old cold case that seasoned professionals couldn’t? My question was answered with the explosive ending of the book. When I thought that the killer was finally exposed, or was it the real killer, and the story was winding down there was much more to come!! !! Surprising!!!! Well done!!!!”

book’d out – “The plot is solid, with the conclusion a striking twist.”

Remember, if you’d like to be entered into my $10 Amazon gift card giveaway, stop by the contest post for a list of URLs to share, then leave a separate comment on that post for each share. Books can be ordered through your local bookstore, or can be purchased online through a variety of retailers on my store tab. The books are available in gift quality trade paperback from Mainly Murder Press, as well as in multiple e-book formats. Thanks for visiting my Book Review Block Party!

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