My 7-Part Writing Journey

Novelspot, a neat web site for writers and readers, invited me to participate in one of their special features – Behind the Scenes, in which authors share their writing journeys in seven short installments. They publish one post each day for an entire week. I was really thrilled with how it turned out and invite you to check out this serialization that relates the ups and downs of my fiction-writing career. Intense shyness, my bout with hypothyroidism, rejection, teenage success, agents, hitting rock bottom with my novel career, winning the William F. Deeck Malice Domestic Grant, and finally breaking into the publishing game for keeps – I shared it all and I hope readers and writers will find my story inspiring.

You can start with Part 1 and then click Forward to read the rest of the posts.

Part 1: Childhood Roots – The focus is on my childhood and high school writing days – the role my painful shyness/selective mutism played and how I was very uncomfortable with the writer label in high school.

Part 2: Face-Off- An Early Success – I talk about getting my young adult novel Face-Off – written in high school study halls – published by Avon Books at age 18.

Part 3: The Long Drought – Unfortunately, getting Face-Off published didn’t help me in the least as far as selling a second book. I write about living (and writing) in the dorm and dealing with rejection as I struggled to find my niche.

Part 4: Finding Hope Then Hitting Rock Bottom – I became a journalist, started writing mystery novels and found an agent for my fiction, but three years later, the agency contract ran out and I was exhausted from undiagnosed hypothyroidism.

Part 5: The Malice Domestic Grant – I felt as if I’d hit rock-bottom with my novel-writing career, until I won the William F. Deeck Malice Domestic Grant presented at the Agatha Award ceremony.

Part 6: Back in the Game – Finally, three publishing contracts from Mainly Murder Press, a web site, and taking control of my career!

Part 7: Here to Stay – In conclusion, why did I choose to write as a child and why do I still write today as an adult?

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