Promo Opp. – Author and Book Blogger Promo Days on my Facebook Page

Due to time constraints and the need to focus on getting more books into production, I’ll be spending less time blogging. As a result, my “Twenty-Five Years Ago Today” and “Sink or Swim Interview” guest author features will be significantly cut back. They’re not being totally eliminated, as I’ve promised spots to a few authors and I may have an occasional Theme Week hosting authors in a specific genre, but I will no longer feature guest authors on a regular basis and I’m going to be taking a break.

However, I am going to try an experiment. I’m going to host three Author & Book Blogger Promo Days on my Facebook page this summer. On these Share Your Summer Reads days, authors are invited to promote their book and share an excerpt. Book bloggers and reviewers are invited to promote their blog, web site or latest review. Each individual may include up to two promos on my Facebook page on a given day. Links are fine. The only rules are that you like the Facebook page and that all posts be rated PG-13 – profanity and erotic content will not be allowed. To participate, simply post your blurb and link on my wall. If you’d like to share a brief excerpt (I’d recommend no more than a paragraph or two), you can comment on your own post to include the excerpt.

The Share Your Summer Reads Facebook Open Promo Days are:
Wednesday, June 22
Wednesday, July 20
Tuesday, August 30

Please restrict promotions to the above days. If this is successful, then I might host some more days in the fall. Hope to see you there! Once again, you can find my Facebook page here.

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  1. Elaine Raco Chase says

    CALCULATED RISK by Elaine Raco Chase

    count me in very generous of you!

  2. Ellis Vidler says

    This is a nice offer. I’d like to take you up on it. Shall we just post it on FB tomorrow, June 22?

  3. Thanks Elaine and Ellis — yes, you can come by my Facebook fan page tomorrow. I posted it on some writer yahoo lists today since many people subscribe via digest and I didn’t want them to see it too late! You can post a blurb and buy link, then if you want to comment on your own post, you can paste a graf or two of an excerpt.

  4. Judith Copek says

    The Shadow Warriors on Kindle.

    The Shadow Warriors incorporates international locales, technology (software agents) running amok, and derring-do at a German university. An outbreak of information warfare frames the story. Emma Lee Davis, a web security consultant, must dredge up a painful summer in her past to discover a means to end the info-war that has disrupted civilization. The novel offers insights into the hacker culture of the time, complete with colorful techspeak. All the while Emma’s irreverent, insightful observations and unique voice pepper the cyber-suspense with aspects of cyber-farce, as she ponders, “if our mission is to stop computer crime, why are we abetting it?”

Stacy Juba