What is Writing Like For You?

My friend Darcia Helle invited me to continue a blog meme on the topic Writing is like…

Darcia was tagged by author Jason McIntyre to share her thoughts on this subject, and then Darcia asked me to continue the meme. For me, writing is like meditation.

When I’m working on my computer, writing a story or a novel, three hours feels like 20 minutes. I look at the clock and can’t believe how much time has passed. Writing fiction for me is sort of like those first few seconds after waking up in the morning, when you don’t remember any of your worries or problems, and you’re just away from your thoughts. When I’m writing fiction, it’s like one part of my brain takes a break and another part flicks on.

In fact, if I need to be somewhere, I have to set a timer so that it snaps me out of my trance. I’m kind of flaky when I’m deep in the middle of a book, and need to be sure to exercise and take walks to ground myself. (that’s the holistic, energy healer side of my personality talking.)

I used to be a newspaper reporter and still write articles from time to time on a freelance basis, for this blog, or once in awhile for another blog or web site. Although I’d much prefer writing articles to, say, doing math, that kind of writing is work for me. I don’t get that same meditative feeling of time slowing down.

Thanks to Darcia for posing the question. What is writing like for you?

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  1. Darcia Helle says

    Great answer, Stacy. Time melts away for me when I’m writing, as well. An entire afternoon can go by in a blink. But, as you said, only creative writing seems to do that for me. Research and nonfiction writing requires a different kind of concentration. With creative writing, you submerse yourself in that fictional world and there’s nothing like it. 🙂

  2. Maria Savva says

    I love your description, Stacy! It’s so true. The other week, I was writing my new novel and when I looked at the clock it was almost 2 am. I’d been writing for hours and the time had just slipped by…
    I’m really enjoying reading all the author blogs about what writing is like… they are so diverse.


    To me, writing is very hard work. Sometimes it’s like swimming through molasses. But, in the end, reading some glowing review, or better yet, hearing from some teenager in Florida or some guy in California on how something that I had created in my little mind had struck home with them, more than makes up for the agony.

  4. Great post, your books look interesting! New follower from Mom bloggers club, have a great evening!

  5. Darcia, Maria and Mark – thank you for sharing your thoughts on the writing process. It’s amazing how time passes when you’re writing, but I agree with Mark, that it’s also hard work. Some parts of the story flow more easily than others, and you can’t let yourself get stuck during the hard parts. Sometimes plot problems come up that you have to work through. It’s a lot of discipline also, to make yourself write when you could be watching TV or reading.

    Frugal, thanks for coming by from the mom bloggers club! I’m following your blog also – everyone head over there for a tasty recipe!

Stacy Juba