Find New Followers in the Twitter Hopalong and Learn New Tips

Welcome to the Twitter Hopalong, part of Twitter Week on my blog. First, if you’d like some Twitter tips, be sure to check out these earlier posts:

5 Easy Steps to Managing Twitter
How Authors Can Maximize Twitter to Promote Book Sales

Next, if you’d like to add some new Twitter followers and do some networking, please join the Twitter Hopalong. Here are the instructions:

1. Leave a clickable link to your Twitter address in the comments along with a few words about what you tend to tweet about most. Please note that leaving your Twitter name (for example, @stacyjuba) is not good enough. You need to leave your direct Twitter link so readers can easily click on it to follow. You can get this by going to your home page on Twitter and clicking on the number of tweets you’ve made, under your name. Paste the URL that appears in your browser. Mine is Update – I’m going to ask people to take one extra step and use a URL shortener such as TinyUrl as 95 percent of the longer URLs were not clickable when posted and it has been a lot of work fixing them. If you absolutely don’t know how to use a URL shortener, don’t panic – I’ll see it and will fix it, but your best bet would be to make it a shortened URL before posting so that no one skips over you in the meantime.

2. Follow whoever is above you in the comments. To ensure that they follow you back, it might be helpful to send them a tweet that you’re following from the Twitter Hopalong.

3. Comments are open for 14 days. Bookmark this page and come back to follow people who posted after you. (hopefully some of them will have found you on Twitter already.) Alternatively, you can subscribe to the comments and follow people as they post here.

4. Please post some kind of tweet so we can bring in new followers from all of our networks to extend this event’s reach to the furthest potential, something such as RT@stacyjuba, Join the Hop for new followers and #Twitter management tips. #socialmedia

That’s it! I hope you find the above articles helpful and that you make some new contacts in the Twitter Hopalong!

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    I post about book releases, reviews, e-readers, and other publishing news, RT posts of interest to moms, as well as anything else that strikes me as interesting.

  2. Great idea Stacey. Here’s mine:

    I tweet about 10% about my books, another 10-15% about books/writing in general and 75% random stuff that crosses my brain and my fingertips at almost the same instant

  3. I’m game, Stacy. Thanks for setting this up. Here is my link:

    I try to tweet a thanks to those who have mentioned me on Twitter; tweet about books and publishing information; and try to pass on other interesting tweets from friends and acquaintances that I find interesting.

  4. Tracy, great idea. I tweet about romance books, reviews, funny things that happen throughout the day that make me question humanity. And a little promo for my books.

    Oh, and I like things that are a little dark. 🙂


    Bestseller Bound – a site that connects indie authors with readers – discover lots of new authors here!

  6. I’m giving this a try. I also thank you, Stacy, for setting this up. I tweet on twitter mostly about my book releases and upcoming blogs and events, but I comment on tweets of followers and friends. Here’s my link (I hope):


    Twitter is what I do for fun, and although I tweet my own blogs, book info, and contests, I mainly tweet about things that make me go “oooh… what’s that?” ^_^ I especially like finding out about new books, seeing what friends are doing, and often retweet what they post. I’m involved in a weekly TwitChat on Fridays from 2-4 Eastern, with the hashtag #scifichat. I laugh the entire time. It’s great.

  8. Mine is I tweet about new releases (my own and others’),blog posts, contests, reviews and interviews. Great idea, Stacy.

  9. Thanks for setting this up Stacy. I mostly use twitter to announce blog posts and released. I’ve love to expand to it’s full potential

  10. Hi Stacy,
    What a good idea you have! Here is my Twitter address:

    I tweet mostly about books, writing, epublishing, and self-publishing.

    Now I am going to follow the others as you suggest.


    I tweet about topics w/various hashtags:
    #coffee #aloha #pie
    I RT other tweets that have links included.
    I tweet my blog posts and mystery novel links.
    When I read a blog post I like or find informational, I tweet that.

  12. Thank you so much, Stacy!

    Mine is

    I mostly tweet about my books, up-coming events, promos, etc. I do also tweet the occasional happy or inspirational tweet; I sometimes tweet things of a personal nature, and I am always happy to retweet a good tweet from a fellow author! 🙂

    Thanks again

    I write about reading and writing mysteries.
    And thanks, Stacy–great idea!

  14. I use Twitter a lot both for fun and to promo my books. I also retweet lots of info about writing.

  15. My address is
    I use it for gathering industry information, socializing and, oh yes, promoting my books. :p I also give shout outs to all new followers.

  16. What a cool idea, Stacy! Thanks. Here’s my link:

    I’ve followed everyone above, and I follow everyone back (well, everyone who’s a live human, not a spambot). I tweet about writing, books, and racing (my mystery sleuth is a female racecar driver). And I love to retweet great writing info and quotes. Nice to meet everyone!

  17. I use twitter for socializing and tweeting my mom list
    engaging in social network shopping.

  18. Very good idea, Stacy! I’m already following you, so no worries there 🙂

    here’s my twitter: @ShakirRashaan or the actual link

  19. I am a book blogger and host of the weekly meme, Shelf Candy. I tweet about books, authors and book related contests.

  20. Good idea, Stacy! I’m a mystery writer, and I tweet pretty much whatever pops into my head (sorry!). Here’s mine:

  21. Fabulous idea! Thanks.

    I blog mostly about my writing, books I’m reading and occasionally what it’s like to mother three young boys. Oh and i complain about my dog farting a bit!

  22. I Tweet and RT about romance and erotic romance book releases as well as publishing and writing-related URLs and information. I RT 80% and direct Tweet 20%. I’m careful about my RT selections.

    Here’s my Twitter account

    Thanks, Stacy!

  23. I retweeted the tweet that brought me here and followed you! I always follow back

  24. I always follow back.

  25. Hi, Stacy,

    This is a great idea, thanks. I tweet a small amount about my writing, thank new followers and people who mention me, people who retweet my posts, and try to add interesting links on different topics.

  26. Hi Stacy,

    I tweet about my books, upcoming releases, but mostly about the crazy things that go through my head.

    This is a great idea. Thanks

  27. This is a wonderful idea, Stacy. Thanks for enlightening me. I’m new to Twitter and need all the help I can get.


  28. Great idea!
    I buy, sell and blog about children’s books and other related topics.
    I don’t think my previous twitter link worked so trying again!

  29. Great idea! I write paranormal, contemporary and children’s books. My paranormal, The Count’s Lair won 2nd place in the Reader’s Favorite book competition in the Romance Sci Fi-Fantasy category.

    Here’s my twitter:

  30. Nice idea, Stacy 🙂

    I’m at:

    I tweet about everything and anything, I do RT a lot of writerly tweets, and I take part in #WW
    I also tweet news snippets that catch my eye, quotes that I like, links to my books and my latest blogs, music videos, and anything else that I feel is tweetworthy 🙂

  31. I’m at
    I’m an infrequent “tweeter,” but tweet about my own books, other people’s books, the publishing business, and things I generally think are cool.

    Thanks, Stacy – cool idea!

  32. I like to do a little social back and forth, but regularly tweet about my Thursday (and sometimes Monday) guest author bloggers.

  33. My Twitter:

    I use twitter to engage with my blogging peers and network. I blog about branding, graphic design, social Media, Marketing, with some Random Thoughts (I am the mom of 4) and Product Reviews.

    I work FT as a Marketing Coordinator for a newspaper and when I’m not doing that I have a small graphic design business and I’m usually designing stationary, blogs or websites.

    I’m on Team Follow Back! 😉


    I love twitter. It’s a great place to socialize and meet new people. I’ve made a ton of friends. I RT what I find interesting or I think will help other people, I tweet a lot about little stuff, sometimes about writing and my books : )


    If you follow me, I will be happy to return the favor. Thanks!


    This is a great idea! I enjoy Twitter a lot. I write contemporary romance for Avon. I tweet about life, mostly, sometimes about books and writing, often about life in Alaska. I like RT-ing fun stuff, or my writer friends’ news. And I’m a sucker for goofy hashtags.

  37. Brilliant idea. Will take me a bit on the iPad, though. Maybe will switch to the laptop.

    Am a writer, mom, and game developer in training.

  38. Fab idea, Stacy! And thanks for building our Twitter presences. Hmm, what do I Tweet about? That’s tough. I guess my main Tweets are writing based, with the occasional, (OK frequent), childrearing slant. My ID is!/babbleburbs . Friends welcome! And I’m excited to cyber meet everyone! (Please, humans only!)
    Clickable link

  39. Elaine Raco Chase says

    Thanks so much – great idea I’m at: (@ElaineRaco)

    Main tweets are writing, books, recently our earthquake and hurricane – I’m in DC area) – and my schnauzer! He has cancer so I’m sharing what I’m learning from the cancer Vet!

  40. Another great idea from Stacy Juba. Thanks! (@Suzanne_Adair)

    My tweets:

    o Links to helpful posts about publishing and marketing

    o News about history and authors of historical fiction, crime fiction, and science fiction

    o Announcements about the wonderful guest authors on my blog, their books, and the winners of their book giveaways

    o My historical mystery/thriller series — next book release is scheduled for 14 October!

  41. I tweet only about writing, primarily mysteries or fantasy. My current WIP is a thriller. (@janetlbuck)

  42. Mary Montague Sikes says

    I tweet about travel, photography, sometimes my books, inspiration, and sometimes things that just come to mind!

    Thanks, Stacy, for doing this. I love the look of your site!

    All the best,


  43. I hope I did the link correctly. The characters #! appeared between the and my Twitter id. I removed them before I shortened the link. (@Susanmboyer)


    I tweet about the books I’m reading, sometimes my writing, interesting blogs I’ve read, and anything that strikes me as funny, because we all need a laugh.

    I do pipe in with the occasional personal item–travel or family related.

    I try not to talk much about what I had for lunch, but, when I’m desperate, I’ve been known to do that. But, it’s usually an odd thing I had for lunch. 🙂

  44. I followed everyone above!! Here’s mine:

  45. Inside The Books says

    Come and meet Independent Authors of Children Books!/InsideTheBook
    Clickable link:

  46. My Life. One Story at a Time. says
    Blogger at My Life. One Story at a Time.
    Just revised this one, Donna, to make it live. Stacy

  47. Here is mine. I’ll go follow everyone else now. Great idea!!

    My name is Summer. Recently divorced and on a journey of sexual independence. Join me and help write my story.

  48. Fantasy Adventure Children Books

  49. My twitter account is at

    I tweet about a variety of space topics, green energy, building, and recycling issues, any variety of science, science fiction and fantasy topics, my romance and erotic-romance releases and ccasionally I’ll tweet about something totally off-the-wall and my blog updates. That about covers it! 😉


    Great idea! I tweet about fantasy, paranormal, humorous tidbits, and useful blogs.

  51. Love this!

    My writing tagline is: Writing about shoes, clues, and clothes.

    I tweet about: writing, Doris Day, fashion, Project Runway, useful blogs for mystery writers, and the occasional daily reference that catches my attention.

  52. Hi Stacy,

    What a great idea! Thank you for setting this up.

    I tweet about writing, romance, blogging, books, book reviews and quite a lot of whatever comes into my head (at the moment it’s chicken salald!). I’ll retweet anything that I think is interesting, useful or funny.

    Follow me at
    or @KatherynLane

    • I just cleaned up a bunch of comments to make it easier for newcomers to click down the list, but in a nutshell, a few people were having trouble getting the links to load yesterday and had to copy the Urls into their browsers to get them to open. The good news is that I don’t think the technical problems were isolated to our hop, as when I got off Hootsuite and went to Twitter, it was doing annoying things like not letting me put new followers on lists so I gave up for the night. Hopefully they fixed the issues or will fix them this weekend — if you have any trouble, bookmark the post and come back to try again later. But do keep me informed about any problems so I can keep tabs on the situation and make sure it’s not my server.

  53. Smoky Trudeau Zeidel says

    My twitter link is:

    I like to follow readers, writers, and publications that write about the print and eBook industries.

  54. Wonderful idea, Stacy.!/CharJGordon

    Twitter about my new releases, movies, retweet a lot, and care for grandest granddaughter.
    clickable link –

  55.!/roxannerhoads Clickable link:

    I tweet about books, authors, authors on book tours and where they’ll be “virtually” every day

    and I follow authors, book bloggers, publishers, and anything related to books and writing

  56. Danielle Gavan says!/daniellegavan clickable link:

    I post about writing, my books and random life stuff.


    Hi all. I tend to use my twitter for (1) promo of my books and other writing and for (2)tweeting about interesting articles and re-tweeting others’ significant tweets.

    I usually tweet about my books, my husbands books, things writing related that I think others may like to know about.

  59. This is a great way for everyone to gain more followers and find people with similar interests. Here is my link:


    Great idea & thanks, Stacy:-) I write erotic romance and usually tweet and blog about all things writing, tweet & RT other interesting tidbits I come across, try to support other authors, tweet about books I like, and life in general…

  61. Thanks so much for hosting this, Stacy. Great idea!

    I’m an editor (fiction and non-fiction) and marketing assistant for authors. And of course, I’m a romance writer, coming close to finishing my first WIP (a contemporary romance).

    I tweet about author giveaways, re-tweet interesting tidbits that others tweet, and, on occasion, tweet something about me:

  62. This is great! I just started with twitter and blogging because I have my story that I want to tell. My twitter and blog are about my weight-loss journey: Confessions of a Former Fat Girl. My tweets are mostly about healthy choices, but I’m also an avid sports fan so they sneak in there a lot too.

    Thank you 🙂
    Twitter: hugsnsmile

  63. Found you on Pat Stoltey’s blog. Great idea, Stacy. I tweet about patriotism, politics, writing, publishing, appearances, and related topics. Here’s my Twitter address:

  64. Michele Hart says

    I tweet about my Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure releases!

    Have a wonderful day,

    Michele Hart

  65. J. R. Lindermuth says

    Hi Stacy,

    I tweet mainly about books, writing, blog postings.

  66. Hi Stacy –

    I’m just venturing out into the twitter world. I tweet about books, writing, and publishing.

    Thanks Stacy for this great opportunity.

  67. Blogging about writing mysteries, food and cooking, and grandchildren

    Hi, hope this works! I write contemporary romance with a twist–usually a dead body or 2.

  69. Twitter is working much better now, thank goodness!

    I just did one more big wave of promos for this event, and on Tuesday about 20 of my Voice of Motherhood friends will be putting out tweets for this event, so please be sure that if you’ve put your name on this list that you are following people back in a timely fashion and that you check back in now and then to see if there is anyone you’ve missed. (per one of my other recent blog posts, it’s noted that I recommend that people unfollow other Twitterers who they’ve given ample time to follow them back.)

    Thanks to everyone who has joined so far. I’m following all of you and have put you on various lists, so I’ll be watching for tweets to RT.

  70. Stacy, thanks for doing this–I’m still not entirely clear on how it all works–but will keep plugging away. I forgot to mention my latest , Losers Keepers from Secret Cravings. Buy link:

  71. This was very gracious of you Stacy. I’m new to twitter, started last week. I write Contemporary Romance and fantasy under the guise of paranormal. Underwater shifters. I will be self publishing this October.
    I will follow until my fingers hurt.
    Hello everyone. And a special hello to all who made it through Irene.

  72. I think my twitter address was incorrect.!/AnnSiracusa
    That looks more like it.

  73. What a great ideas, Stacy. I tweet good reminders for writers.!/relaxingwriter

  74. My tweet address:!/normahuss
    (I’m one of those who don’t know how to shorten it!)

    Great idea, Stacy. I tweet about books I read – mostly mystery, my own books, sometimes a quote I love, old people (me) and publishing, a recipe now and then, and I love to retweet, but they go by too fast. Stacy, I’ll try the advice on your last blog. That should help.

    Now I’ll start following some of my fellows here.

  75. Hi, what a great idea! I’m closing in on my first year at Twitter – I post about wine, and writing, and other general observations about life. Looking to broaden my twitter friends with people other than writers and wine drinkers, but I’ll take everyone!

    Okay, I’m off to follow everyone else…

  76. This is a great idea! My twitter url is

    On my blog I offer examples of my work, interview guest authors, and once a week I do a fashion blog.

  77. Thanks for doing this Stacy! I tweet my blog posts.!/freebiecorner1

  78. Awesome! I’m trying so hard to build my readership on twitter, facebook and my blog. I usually tweet my blog posts which can be about anything from knitting, crochet, quilting, gardening, reading, product/book reviews, giveaways, charity work and life in general. Here is my twitter link –

  79. Here’s my stuff.
    I retweet lots of stuff. I also hosts authors on my blog.

  80. Whoops Here it is again.
    Chris Redding

  81. I usually tweet about the other authors on my blog and my books.

  82. not sure why this didn’t show up, but here it is one more time. lol

  83. This is a great idea. Here’s my

  84. Great fun!

    Here’s my

    I tweet about newsworthy articles concerning publishing, ebooks. I have a lot of twitter followers and also cross-promote my tweeples DAILY. Twitter is a lot about getting the word out for others and they’ll do the same for you when needed.

    So please follow me and I’ll follow back, Keta

  85. Here’s mine:

    I’ve just become active on twitter. I tweet about my novels and books. I will retweet postings of other writers or any posts I deem valuable knowledge. Have also found wonderful new friends and some I’d lost track of. Have also found great books to buy. (Will not get involved in religion or politics.) Twitter’s a fun place to do some serious work.


  86. Twitter –!/megmims

    I tweet about books, reviews, inspirational quotes, indie authors and writing tips, plus promo for my own book – hopefully more than one soon!

  87. DUH… forgot to shorten the link! Meg Mims

  88. Thank you Stacy! I tweet about reading, writing and theatre. When I am working on a writing project, I often tweet about how that is going. I write plays and fiction (mainly mysteries and YA.)

    Here’s mine:

  89. I hope people find me even though I’m late joining. I write about two of Italy’s great works of art: food and crime.

  90. Right now my Twitter account links to my blog. On my blog I inspire people to create their ideal lives and
    give tips on “enjoying the journey.”

  91. twitter:

    I tweet about reading, writing, personal fun stuff, and lots of book giveaways. I have a blog where I giveaway books
    I’m a lover of PNR and UF.

    This is a great idea, Stacy!

  92. I write romances, but have yet to submit them to a publisher. Right now, I write articles to help cover my bills. I tweet when my articles are published, and retweet interesting things I find.
    My twitter account is:!/Amelia2325

    I’ll follow you if you follow me.

  93. I write cozy and paranormal mysteries and am the president of Sleuths’ Ink in Springfield, MO. I blog about writing and life in the Ozarks as a Goth Soccer Mom. I have been published (acadmically) and am working on my ficition publications.
    Thanks for the follows and great idea Stacy.

    twitter is:
    my blog is:

    Thanks everyone!

  94. Twitter:


    Hi everyone! I write erotic romance novels. I love Twitter!. This summer has been rough but I’m hoping to tweet more now that things are (hopefully) calming down in my life. I tweet about writing, my books, and the random crap that falls out of my brain while procrastinating.

    Thanks for this post Stacy!

Stacy Juba