Classic YA Hockey Novel $2.99 on Kindle & Nook

With the NHL season scheduled to open in a few weeks, I have the perfect book to get you in the hockey mood. My classic young adult hockey novel, Face-Off, is now available as a $2.99 download for Kindle, Nook and Smashwords, with a brand new paperback edition scheduled for release in time for holiday shopping. You’ll be seeing a lot more about this book once the paperback is out, but I’ll give you the basics now.

I originally wrote Face-Off during high school study halls and it was published in 1992 when I was a teenager. It was mentioned in Publisher’s Weekly, School Library Journal, Booklist and many other review publications, and was named to many reading lists over the years. In fact, I was surfing the net a year or so ago and saw that the Hockey Hall of Fame Junior Education program had the book on its recommended reading list for kids and schools. I thought that was pretty neat – that a book written by a teenage American girl was still on the radar of the Hockey Hall of Fame nearly two decades after its release.

With the 20th anniversary on the horizon and Face-Off long out of print, I brought the book back for a new generation of readers. Although it is classified as a young adult novel, aimed at kids ages 12-16, I’ve received fan letters from children as young as nine. I’ve also heard from many adults who enjoyed reading it, as they love hockey or like revisiting their high school days through YA novels. Face-Off follows Brad and T.J. McKendrick, twin brothers who don’t get along at all. When their parents pull T.J. out of his expensive prep school, the brothers are forced to attend the same school and play on the same hockey team. Meanwhile, their parents are arguing all the time which worries the boys’ younger brothers. Can the feuding twins pull together for the sake of their teammates and their kid brothers?

I received many fan letters from young readers over the years and you can read snippets like this one on the Face-Off page of my web site: “This is, by far, one of the best books I have ever read…I couldn’t change any part of this story to make it better if I tried.” If you enjoy hockey, or are seeking a wholesome e-book read for your kids, I hope you will check out the Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords editions. More e-book editions are coming soon, and if you’d like to know when the paperback is out, then you can sign up for my mailing list and receive my holiday shopping newsletter this November. I’ll also be announcing the paperback release on this blog as well as on Twitter and Facebook. This is a very special book to me, and any help with spreading the word is much appreciated!

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