Curl Up With Five Cozy Mysteries

Mystery novels may not be the first genre that comes to mind when looking for Christmas reading, but there are a surprising number of holiday-themed ones available. These can serve as excellent gifts for students who are looking for a little rest and relaxation after slogging though finals.

1) “Dashing Through the Snow” by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark

A village in New Hampshire is preparing for its “Festival of Joy” when several townspeople win the lottery. However at the last minute one townsperson decides not to play and ends up missing.

2) “The Highly Effective Detective Goes to the Dogs” by Richard Yancey

Teddy Ruzak is forced to shut down his detective business just before the holidays, but then discovers the body of a homeless man he’d helped earlier. Ted’s intention is to find the man’s murderer, but the police have other ideas.

3) “A Christmas Grace” by Anne Perry

Emily Radley leaves her home during the holiday season to stay with her dying aunt in Ireland. However the entire village of Connemara is plagued with the aftermath of a deadly tragedy that occurred seven years earlier, but the residents are determined to it keep quiet.

4) “Visions of Sugarplums” by Janet Evanovich

Just days before Christmas, a hunky mysterious stranger shows up in Stephanie Plum’s kitchen. This just adds to the chaos of the agent’s life as she tries to find a toymaker who skipped bail and celebrates the holidays with her family.

5) “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This last book isn’t technically a book; it’s one of Doyle’s short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes, first published in 1892. The story features a holiday setting can can be bought individually or as part of the series.

Clearly holiday-themed mysteries have plenty to offer. There’s romance, humor, soul searching and plenty of whodunnit–all wrapped up for the holidays.

Brittany Lyons aspires to be a psychology professor, but decided to take some time off from grad school to help people learn to navigate the academic lifestyle. She currently lives in Spokane, Washington, where she spends her time reading science fiction and walking her dog.

Do you have a favorite holiday novel? Share it in the comments!

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  1. Jenny Milchman says

    Good picks, Stacy! And personally I think a mystery or thriller or suspense novel is a perfect Christmas gift. One of the best presents I’ve gotten recently was a copy of Scott Smith’s THE RUINS. Oh, the chills in a chilly season…

  2. Last year I enjoyed “The Blue Hackle” which was set on New Year’s weekend and would be a cozy & entertaining regular read set in Scotland.

    Thanks for suggesting “The Blue Carbuncle.” I’ll reread it during the holidays. I plan to reread all of Sherlock Holmes in 2012.

    Most of my planned reads this year aren’t Christmassy but interesting mysteries in my TBR that I have been dying to read.

    Thanks for your list. I agree with Jenny that mysteries are great gifts — to give or receive.

  3. Thanks so much for coming by, Jenny and Brenda. I agree, mysteries make great gifts! I’ve been having fun reading lots of Christmas-themed books this holiday, both mysteries and non-mysteries. I’ve downloaded so many on my Kindle, I might have to save some for next Christmas, but I’m doing my best to read them. I’m also a sucker for sappy Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime.

  4. PS – much to my husband’s chagrin on the sappy Christmas movies…he’s getting a little tired of the chick flicks…

Stacy Juba