Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon clearly wants to go head-to-head with Apple and they aren’t being stingy about it. A few months ago, Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire, which hopes to throw the Apple iPad off of the computer tablet market. In a nutshell, the Kindle Fire is a tablet that has the exact same features of the iPad, but which is being offered at a much cheaper price. While iPad prices begin at $499, the Kindle Fire only sells for $199, making a huge impact on people who are getting ready to shop for the holidays. The Kindle Fire is now available worldwide.

The display of the Amazon Kindle Fire stands at seven inches, which is a bit shorter than that of the iPad. However, it is still very functional and won’t even bother you if you aren’t too picky about your viewing space. The Fire also uses a top-notch dual-core processor, which works at the exact same processing speed as the Apple’s dual-core processor. The storage of the Fire currently stands at 8GB, though, and doesn’t have any options for a bigger memory like the iPad does. On the other hand, though, Amazon does provide free online storage with Amazon Cloud, which can take care of all of your digital content on Amazon. How great is that?

Then there is the Amazon Silk, which is a creative Cloud-accelerated browser. This browser splits the overall work of loading webpages between two different interfaces, thus making it easier to load webpages while conserving battery life at the same time. Another unique feature that this tablet has and that other tablet manufacturers do not have is that you can access a lot of media content from Amazon through it. In fact, Fire users can get access to hundreds of thousands of TV programs and movies, reading material and games, as well as colored magazines, with it. The Kindle Fire weighs 14.6 ounces or 413 gams, and its battery life can last up to 8 hours if you read books on it. Naturally, it will last up to a little less than that if you continually watch videos on it, though.

The Kindle Fire Table is also Wi-Fi capable, so you can do practically anything on the Internet on it. It accesses Wi-Fi networks and hotspots and runs on an Android operating system, too, which means that you can access Google’s Apps Market with it, as well. So, although Apple may have more to offer than Amazon when it comes to the Apps department, Fire users will not be left in the dark since they will be taken care of by the Android apps, as well. So, what are you waiting for? Buy an Amazon Kindle Fire now!

About the author: Ray Sean is a computer savvy, a game addict and loves latest gadgets. He currently works at KPN Company, an international long distance carrier that provides prepaid calling cards and calling cards to India from Germany for international travelers. When he isn’t busy, he is reading and occasionally writes on gadget reviews.

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