Promo Opp.-Authors, Book Bloggers & Mom Bloggers for Reciprocal Link Exchanges

I’ve recently eliminated the blog roll in my sidebar and added a new Links/Connections page. I did this as I was never fond of all the clutter in my sidebar, and I also thought having the links on a separate page would make them easier to navigate.

If you’d like to exchange reciprocal web site or blog links, please let me know. I do exchanges with authors and book bloggers who publish PG13 content on their sites, (nothing explicit, as my web site attracts some teenagers) as well as mom bloggers.

I don’t link to retail sites and rarely link to sites unrelated to writing, books, or parenting/family life, unless there is a connection to a topic covered in one of my books such as flags, hockey, mythology, reality TV, etc. I also don’t link to sites that collect hundreds of random links on their connections pages. If you think we’d be a good match, please email me at stacy at

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  1. Stacy, not exactly sure what you are looking for. I write a family lifestyle blog called Kitchen Clatter. I am always looking for exposure which is why I opened your tweet. Please let me know if I am a good fit.
    Jo Ann Phelps

  2. Hi Jo Ann, Thanks for coming by, that looks like a great fit. I will add you to the page today. If you could add to your list when you add a blogroll, that would be great.

Stacy Juba