Considering an E-Reader Device? Compare Features of Kindle, Nook, Sony & More Right Here

In the market for an e-reader device? Check out these side-by-side comparisons of different models!

Thanks to for providing me with this unique infographic specially created for my blog.

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  1. Comparison done by Amazon – no bias there at all. They left off Apple’s IPad, but it would smoke the competition anyway. Most of my friends have either IPads or the new Nook Tablet and they love them.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Have heard good things about the Nook Tablet and the iPad. The comparison wasn’t actually done by Amazon, but the devices selected to be included were compared against them since they are the bestselling manufacturer overall. I’ve never heard of the last two on the list. The people I’ve talked to who had e-readers that weren’t from Amazon, Nook or Sony, (who received a lesser known name as a gift for holidays) weren’t happy with them as they felt the bookstore selection wasn’t that great and they felt as if they were missing out on a lot of bargains, though I don’t know what those models were.

    Personally, I love my Kindle 3G and find Amazon very user-friendly. I have an older model of Sony, so I don’t know how much the newer models have advanced, but plugging it into the computer every time I want to download a book onto it is tedious. It does read PDFs and Word files easily though, so I really like that feature.

Stacy Juba