Tarot Spreads: Help Solving Relationship Problems

Since my paranormal thriller Dark Before Dawn explores the world of psychics and intuition, I thought it would be fun to publish this guest post about Tarot spreads. I hope you learn something new!

When it comes to Tarot readings, the most important readings are the ones that help you solve problems that you are currently facing. As a Tarot reader, my personal methodology is that Tarot teaches you what you need to learn, and information that your subconscious already knows. So, if you’re suffering from relationship issues, then try the following Tarot spread to get to the heart of the matter, so that you can look at what one needs to do to handle the situation and where the core of it is. This Tarot spread can also be helpful in determining whether or not a relationship is worth saving.

This Tarot spread involves laying down two rows of five cards each. The cards are laid from left to right. The questions being asked of each card are as follows:

Card One: The first card in the first row, this card asks whether the individual asking questions had a part in producing the relationship problem at hand. Depending on the situation, the querent may not even be responsible for the relationship issues.

Card Two: Does the individual asking the question acknowledge any part they have played in the problem? Too often, we hope that the problems in our relationships are solely the fault of our partner, but this card will help represent how the querent may have played a part, because any relationship is a partnership. Both sides affect problems.

Card Three: This card discusses whether the partner in the relationship might have helped create the problem the couple is facing now.

Card Four: Much like the second card, this card asks whether or not the partner acknowledges that they may play a part in the problem for the relationship. The only way to truly med the friction between partners is to make sure both parties are responsible for their actions.

Card Five: The last card in the top row, this card looks to see if there may be someone else who is just as intertwined in the problem and might be affecting it as well.

Card Six: This card is the first in the second row of cards, and this card determines what different influences might be affecting the problem, or helping to create it.

Card Seven: This card is determines what the querent might actually be able to do to help the situation. This card is incredibly important for the querent, because the only way to truly work to solve the problem is to make sure that both the querent and the partner must be working to fix the problems.

Card Eight: This card determines how the partner in the relationship can help fix the problem as well.

Card Nine: This particular card determines whether or not the relationship can actually be saved by the actions of either or both partners.

Card Ten: The most important card, this card represents whether or not it is actually a worthwhile relationship to save.

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  1. Shirley McCann says

    I bought the book, Tarot for Writers, several years ago. LOVE it. Not only is it perfect for writers, but it’s the best book ever for learning about Tarot.

    Your post is SPOT ON!

  2. Thanks for reading, Shirley! You’re the second person who has told me about Tarot for Writers. I will have to check that book out!

  3. Lynn Cunningham says

    Thanks for sharing this spread! I’ve been a Tarot reader for 25 years and am always interested in finding new spreads. I have a special Relationship Spread that I’ve used for a very long time but this one may get even deeper into the heart of the matter. I’ve never heard of Tarot for Writers, but I’ll definitely be having a look at it! Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for visiting, Lynn! I didn’t know you were a Tarot reader. I have one Tarot deck, and about a dozen angel card decks. I’m glad the post was helpful. Here is a link for Tarot for Writers.

Stacy Juba