Download 15 Kindle Books for Kids, Tweens and Teens April 19 At No Cost

Fill up your Kindle and get your children reading this summer with these 15 books, free on Kindle only on April 19 during the Give Your Child A Kindle Book (or 15 of Them!) Promotion. Save this page, come back on Thursday the 19th, and scroll down the list, which includes picture books, middle grade novels, and young adult books spanning a range of topics from sports, to paranormal, to historical, to educational. Selected books include the Florida Historical Society’s Best Children’s Book, and books that have been recommended in Best Books for Young Teen Readers Grades 7-10 and in an edition of Children’s Book of the Year. The authors have been published by houses such as Scholastic, Dell, HarperCollins, Simon Pulse, Avon, E.P. Dutton, Millbrook, Lerner, and St. Martin’s Minotaur. Adult readers will find much to enjoy on this list also. Some of the titles will be free for a couple days, but the entire list is just guaranteed free on the 19th. We also have two bonus books in multiple e-book formats, compatible with Nook, Sony and more! You’ll find the list of novels for older tween and teen readers first, followed by picture books and books for younger readers, and then our two bonus novels.

Please click on the title to follow the Amazon buy links. Spread the word to your friends, and if you enjoy the books, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. Many of these books are also available in print.


Download Dark Before Dawn by Stacy Juba – When teen psychic Dawn Christian gets involved with a fortuneteller mentor and two girls who share her mysterious talents, she finally belongs after years of being a misfit. When she learns her new friends may be tied to freak “accidents” in town, Dawn has an important choice to make – continue developing the talent that makes her special or challenge the only people who have ever accepted her. “A special book that should not be missed.” Fresh Fiction. Free April 18-20.

Download Face-Off by Stacy Juba – Brad’s twin brother T.J. has gotten himself out of the fancy prep school his father picked for him and into the public high school Brad attends. The whole school is rooting for a big double-strength win…not knowing that their twin hockey stars are heating up the ice for a winner takes all face-off. Included in the reference guide Best Books for Young Teen Readers Grades 7-10. Free April 19.

Download Charlie Woodchuck is a Minor Niner by Dalya Moon – It’s 1988, and Charlie Woodchuck is the most minor of niners. At thirteen, she’s the youngest girl at Snowy Cove High School, and so clueless, she wore leg warmers and acid-wash jeans on her first day. Big mistake! Almost as big a mistake as signing up for a boys-only shop class. Doy! Just when she thinks the first week of high school can’t get any more weird, Charlie discovers she may be adopted.

Download Away from Whipplethorn by A.W. Hartoin – Tiny fairies. Huge adventure. Matilda is about to get what she’s always wanted, and it’s a bad thing. Being a babysitter isn’t much of a dream, but Matilda is anything but average. She’s half a centimeter tall, invisible to the human eye, and hearing-impaired. In her life, adventures are in short supply, but there is a emergency list for her first job. The only problem; humans aren’t on the list. Free April 18 and 19.

Download The Worldwide Dessert Contest: Enhanced Multimedia Edition by Dan Elish – Pancakes that turn into trampolines, attacking caramel apples, roller-skating pies, are all a part of The Worldwide Dessert Contest: Enhanced Multimedia Edition by Dan Elish, a lip-smacking middle grade fantasy with an original musical score by a Broadway veteran embedded alongside the text! After losing to a cheat for the past eleven years, will chef Applefeller finally manage to nab the prize? Free April 19-20.

Download Practice Cake: A Romantic Comedy by Dalya Moon – There’s one thing Maddie Bird (18) finds more tempting than red velvet cake: her coworker, Drew. All it takes is one of his sly winks or a playful hip-check by the cooler, and she’s incinerating the cookies. Her boyfriend would not approve. When a reality TV crew descends upon the bakery, her simple summer job gets even more complicated.

Download Savage Cinderella by PJ Sharon – Eighteen-year-old Brinn Hathaway has survived on her own in the Northwest High Country of Georgia since she was left for dead in a shallow grave by the man who kidnapped her as a child. When a young nature photographer, Justin Spencer, catches the wild girl on film and the two form a tentative friendship, Brinn must decide if coming out of hiding is worth the hope – and the danger-that may await her.

Download Ashlyn’s Radio by Wilson Doherty (Norah Wilson and Heather Doherty) – When circumstances force 17-year-old Ashlyn Caverhill to move to her grandma’s in Maine, she’s PO’d. Although it boasts the hot Caden Williams, she thinks Prescott Junction is the deadest place ever. She may be right. Not only does a ghost train roll through at night, but the Caverhill-cursed radio Ashlyn finds foretells that she’ll board it! With Caden’s help, she must find a way to escape her fate.

Download Dark Ascension: A Demon Anthology by N.R. Wick – Keep a flashlight handy. This collection of short stories for young adults is sure to draw out whatever’s skulking in the shadows. From supernatural entities, to crazed monsters, to disturbing discoveries, evil is lurking ’round every corner. Delve into the dark recesses of this creepy book… if you dare.


Download Teddy Bear Town Childrens E-Book Bundle by Stacy Juba – Immerse your child in the gentle world of teddy bears with three picture books in one download. Each story is fully illustrated with simple illustrations of teddy bear families. Includes The Flag Keeper, Victoria Rose and the Big Bad Noise, and Sticker Shoes. The Midwest Book Review on The Flag Keeper: “Excellent educational book filled with information all American children should know.” Free April 19 and 20.

Download Doctor: Discover Series Picture Book for Kids – Who likes going to the doctor? Who wants their child to grow up to be a doctor? Whether you’re looking to alleviate anxiety or plant the suggestion early, DOCTOR features 25 full-color photos of of doctors, nurses and medical equipment. Like other titles in the Kindle Kids Library from Xist Publishing, DOCTOR has been formatted to take advantage of the Kindle, Kindle Fire and Kindle apps for phones, tablets and computers.

Download Einstein The Lazy Kitty by Renae Rae – This 30-page story is inspired by Renae Rae’s real-life lazy kitty. Einstein The Lazy Kitty, combines rhythmic writing and colorful illustrations to make this a short, fun book for all ages but it was designed with your toddler and early reader in mind. Free April 17-21.

Download Time to Get Ready, Bunny! by Brenda Ponnay – It’s time to get ready, Bunny! Bunny? BUNNY? In this charming little book, author/illustrator Brenda Ponnay has artfully depicted the morning routine of so many families. Whether your little one would rather stay in bed, play with toys, or try on every outfit in the closet, this book is sure to resonate with parents.

Download Grammar Candy by Katrina Streza – Have you ever wondered what exactly an adjective was? Drawn a blank when your child asked for help with English grammar homework? In GRAMMAR CANDY, the second book by educator Katrina Streza, Danny and Sam are back for another candy-filled learning adventure. This time, they’ll turn a grammar lesson into some sweet fun when they visit Mr. Candor’s Candy Shop and learn about nouns, pronouns,

adjectives, verbs and more. For candy-loving kids in grades 1-3 (and their parents too)!

BONUS BOOKS: Available in multiple e-book formats compatible with Kindle, Nook, Sony and other e-readers.

The Younger Days by Mike Hays

In the beginning, Boy Smyth has a dull Missouri farm life and a burning desire to be an outlaw like his hero, Cole Younger. In the end, Boy Smyth has five dead bodies and two burning buildings at his farm and the most feared man in the United States crying outside his front gate. And that desire for the outlaw life? It’s purged completely from his system. Download free on April 19 from Muse It Up Publishing. Use code MH2244YD.

The Pea Soup Poisonings by Nancy Means Wright – To get into her brother’s Spy Club, Zoe must walk a high narrow beam over rusted farm machinery and then discover who poisoned Granny Fairweather’s pea soup. She has 5 days to find the culprit. Can she do it? Winner of an Agatha award for Best Children’s/Young Adult Novel. Download free on April 19 from Belgrave House.

Please note that Captain Morgana Mason by Dorothy Francis has not turned free as originally expected and has been removed from the list.

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  1. Wow, it’s like you read my mind. I’ve been trying to get my son into reading and have been looking for some good books 🙂 Thank you, Stacy!

  2. Thanks for your interest, Heather! I’m sure you’ll find some good ones for your son. Have fun “shopping” on Thursday!

  3. Connie Fischer says

    Hi, Stacy! I’m a huge reader and my grandchildren are as well. This sounds like a fun thing to do and I’m looking forward to April 19th!

  4. Hi some of the books are not free only free to prime members. Out the ones you list only 2 were free.

  5. Thanks for coming by, Connie and Ana! Regarding your question, Ana, all the books are expected to be free on April 19 – they’re not free yet other than for the ones free to Prime members. The authors have arranged for all of the books to be free on Thursday the 19th, but we just wanted to give people the chance to save the date and browse through the ones they want, so we posted the list early.

  6. This is a generous offer! Thanks for putting this together, and thanks to each of the authors!

  7. Thanks for coming by, Suzanne, hope you enjoy the books!

  8. Great stuff Stacy! You can throw my first book in there as well if you like, it’s free. : )

  9. Feel free to leave your book link and a sentence or two in the comments, Alan, if it’s a children’s or YA book that will be free on April 19. Thanks!

  10. Thanks so much Stacy! Here’s the Amazon link, but folks can pick it up free anywhere now:

    Jenni Kershaw’s ordinary, eighth grade life becomes a thing of the past when her science class goes on a field trip. Armed with only their notebooks, MP3 players, and wits, Jenni and her classmates are unknowingly transported to another world. Follow Jenni and her class on their extraordinary adventures in their fight to discover who — and what — they really are.

  11. My book THE YOUNGER DAYS is one of the bonus books. You can buy for FREE on April 19th at MuseItUp Publishing bookstore using the code: MH2244YD
    THE YOUNGER DAYS buy link:


    Sela is free just for Thursday. It is a YA dragon fantasy that is getting great reviews. I will be interviewing her next week and she will be giving away a paper copy then.

  13. I downloaded a few. Thanks so much for the invite!!

  14. Thanks so much for coming by, Veronica!

  15. this was great, thanks

  16. Sheila Gallagher says

    Looks like some good reads. Thanks for letting us know.

  17. Thanks for visiting, Yolanda and Sheila!

  18. I’d like to add one to your list. To celebrate Earth Day, we’re offering our new eBook, WHY ARE TURTLES SO CRAZY AWESOME? for FREE this weekend only!

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