Attracting Success With Visualization Techniques

I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction and using visualization techniques to accomplish both my personal and professional goals. A Vision Board hangs above the desk in my office and I’ve filled notebooks with lists of long and short term goals, along with strategies for reaching them. Due to my own interest in this topic, I jumped at the chance to run this guest post on my blog. I hope you find it helpful!

Visualizing is no joking matter. It is a very effective tool to achieve your goals in life which is why you should see it as something very useful and important. Contrary to what others say, visualization takes time and the right techniques in order to be effective. With this in mind, you should make it your purpose to know exactly how visualization works and how it can help you.

Visualization techniques vary from one person to another. There are techniques which may be effective to some but not to you. This is because people have different goals in life. In order for visualization to work, you should pattern it after the kinds of goals you have set for yourself. Rest assured though that you can find all kinds of visualization techniques which you can try and see the effectiveness for yourself.

A lot of techniques can be found in self-help books. If you visit your local bookstore or those online, you’ll be surprised of the great number of self-help books in the market today. It’s because many people are after self development. They’re searching for ways on how to improve themselves and achieve success in life especially through tested and proven means such as visualization.

Another great resource for visualization techniques is online reports, eBooks, articles and the like which you can read or even download for free via the internet. There are step by step procedures on how to visualize which can help you get started especially if it’s only your first time to utilize visualization. You can be sure of increasing your knowledge about this tool by reading online references about it.

When you conduct your own research about visualization you’ll notice how varied the techniques used for it are. Though they vary in complexity and form, you can count on these techniques to help you visualize things to your advantage. Take a look at some of these visualization techniques and see which ones you can apply in your life:
• Painting pictures in your mind
Do you want something so bad you keep thinking about it? A great way to visualize is to pain pictures in your mind of yourself going after your dream and achieving it. For instance, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds in a month, you try to see yourself in your head working out, dieting, and doing things that can help you lose weight. The end result will be seeing yourself sexier and healthier.

• Spending more time with your pen and paper
Have you noticed how you often doodle on a piece of paper when your mind starts to wander? Don’t think you’re losing your sanity since doodling or drawing is a great way to visualize. It’s like an outlet of all your thoughts. Many people find it easier to visualize if their hands are writing something down or simply doodling. It makes them feel more focused and in control of their thoughts.

• Talking to one’s self
Talking to yourself as an aid for visualization is weird but it’s effective. There’s nothing more relaxing and uplifting than talking to yourself every now and then. It helps you have a clearer picture of what you really want in life. You can self-analyze the steps you have to take in order to achieve your objectives. Not only will you be able to know yourself better but it will make visualizing easier since your talking and at the same time picturing things in your mind. This makes everything sound more realistic and attainable.

• Optimism
Another effective visualization technique is staying positive. Try to think only of positive thoughts. Visualize yourself doing your best to attain your goals and never think about the challenges that will come your way. In addition, make it a habit to feed your mind with positive affirmations. Say something like “I can do this” instead of letting yourself down by thinking you can’t accomplish your goals because of the many hindrances that prevent you from doing so.

• Seek support
Let your family and friends know your goals in life. They’re your ego boosters and the fact that they care and support you all the way is enough to help you get going. If you think you can’t reach your goal, visualize your loved ones who are there cheering you on in your journey through life.
You can use these visualization techniques regardless of what you want to achieve in life. Just remember to always keep your eyes on your goal.

Interested in developing your visualization skills? Check out this article on creative visualization exercises and learn how the Law of Attraction works.

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  1. Stacy Juba you never stop surprising me….This is a great guest post. I started visualization boards in my teens in the early 1970..they had no name, but I found it a great tool to move forward.
    The tips and techniques by your guest are really interesting and varied…the only one I had not identified as a visualization technique was the “seek support” which is true and I had just never espoused it to visualizing.
    Very fun post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for reading! I’ve done a lot of studying of this Law of Attraction topic from books like The Secret to Abraham-Hicks, to a free weekly online class that I took a few years ago. I’ve also been to a lot of mainstream professional workshops on goal-setting, covering the workshops for newsletters and newspapers, and while they don’t mention the words Law of Attraction, it’s the same strategies.

    I can vouch that once I started using these techniques, I started making more and more income from my novels. When it slowed down, I realized my vision board was all outdated, so I added my newer books and I also realized that I had totally different goals from the last time it had been updated. Once I clarified to myself what I wanted, sales picked up again and all these new ideas started coming to me out of the blue. I took down all the cards on my vision board about selling a book to a huge publisher, and replaced it with #1 on the Paid Kindle list, and making the NY Times E-book list, so those are the big goals I’m working toward now, with smaller milestones in between. Down the line, the goals might evolve again, but it really helps to have it clear in my mind what I’m working toward this year, this month, this week, or this moment. They’re all stepping stones to the bigger goals. Staying positive is very important, and remembering that everything is a steppingstone is important. It helps to find other positive people who have the same philosophies, as when other people complain and act negative, it’s very easy to get pulled into that and start feeling negative yourself. No one is perfect, so everyone gets negative sometimes and has setbacks, but overall, a positive attitude is important.

Stacy Juba