3 Essential Online Resources For Writers

Writing is a profession that demands concentration and dedication in order to achieve great results. That’s why most writers do their work in the privacy of their homes or in some secluded hideaway—to get away from the hustle and bustle of people that might distract from their craft. Writing is practically a form of productive isolation. But this isolation has a downside: it can also alienate writers from people who might help them develop and expand their skills. How can a writer hope to network among industry professionals if they don’t seek out contacts in the community?

The answer, of course, is in the countless online resources built solely to accommodate writers. These sites are mostly run by and for writers of all genres (fiction, poetry, nonfiction, journalism, technical writing, and so on) as a means to connect the right writers with the write people. Other online writing resources are designed to help writers get their work out to as many people as possible for as little money as possible, through eBooks, self-publishing, or some other means.

Without further ado, here are 3 of the best online resources for writers looking to reach out.

Poets & Writers
The first and perhaps best place to start is the online community at Poets & Writers. This site is made up entirely of industry professionals, from authors to publishers, who want to help other writers find their place in the community. At Poets & Writers you can find interviews with famous fiction authors, poets, and literary figures who discuss any number of interesting topics related to their crafts. Author share their favorite reads, publishers offer inside tips to the industry, and the site regularly features quality writing from some of the country’s leading figures. Writers of any background would do well to check out this site.

The go-to place for self-publishing efforts online, Createspace is one of the most trusted resources for web savvy writers. If you have a piece you want to publish as a physical book, Createspace will give you the tools to achieve that goal. Createspace also has industry connections with big name distributors like Amazon, ensuring that your book reaches as big an audience as possible. They offer competitive royalties, affordable book copies, library-quality books, a free ISBN, and a wide range of publishing options from do-it-yourself to professional services for design, editing and marketing. Check out their book production page for more information.

Smashwords is an online site for writers who want to publish their work in eBooks and for readers who are seeking quality eBooks. Writers with a short story, novel, or poem can put it up for sale on Smashwords in eBook format, allowing them to test their work with a receptive readership. If you’re curious about the content published on Smashwords, feel free to browse the thousands of sample works featured on their site. The site boasts content in fiction and non-fiction, from biography to mystery novels. And the best part about Smashwords is the inclusivity of their community; writers of all backgrounds and experience levels are welcomed to the site as equals. Readers will discover brand new authors as well as established ones who are releasing backlist titles into Ebook format. Smashwords also works with big-name distributors, such as Barnes & Noble, Sony, and Kobo to name a few, allowing authors to reach a wider audience and earn money for their books.

Please share your favorite online writer’s resources in the comments!

About the Author:
This guest contribution was submitted by Samantha Gray, who specializes in writing about online bachelors degrees. Questions and comments can be sent to: samanthagray024@gmail.com.

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