An Inspiring Video for Positive Thinking

I had a setback with my Complaint-Free Challenge and am on Day 2 again. It started when there was a problem with my dishwasher delivery and my mood began to deteriorate throughout the day. By evening, as fatigue set in, I was feeling snappish.

On the bright side though, this week has not been a waste. Other situations came up when I could have reverted to my old habits, and I didn’t. I responded better, drawing upon my new arsenal of strategies to keep my cool and react in a more patient and positive way. Those strategies still are not second nature and I don’t always remember them all when I need them. Hopefully, in time they will become habit.

I’ve had several people comment or email me that after reading my posts, they have been reflecting on how they can become more positive, though the idea of making it 21 days without complaining was daunting to many of them. If would like to be more positive, then I encourage you to try your best. That’s all you can do. Start by downloading the Complaint Free widget for your computer desktop. That will make you accountable for your actions. Next, pick out a bracelet to wear or get one from A Complaint Free World. For more information, you can read some of my other posts on this subject.

And here is an inspirational video that might help. I’ll be back in a week or two with an update and I’ll start sharing some helpful books and sites that I’ve discovered.

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