Bestselling Twenty-Five Years Ago Today A Mystery Thriller Audiobook

I’m delighted that my mystery/romantic suspense novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today is now available as an audiobook from Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

I had so much fun writing this book, which blends mystery, romance, Greek mythology, and long buried secrets into a tale that I hope will keep readers riveted. The e-book version has received dozens and dozens of reviews from reviewers, book bloggers and customers over the past few years, including praise from Fresh Fiction, the Midwest Book Review, The Romance Studio, and Book-Club-Queen To hear Erin Moon bring the story to life with her beautiful voice and acting talent was a special treat for me. She added a whole other dimension to the book with her fine performance and range of character interpretations. Even if you’ve read the book, I think listening to it on audio will be a worthwhile experience.

If you’re not familiar with Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, here is a quick introduction. For twenty-five years, Diana Ferguson’s killer has gotten away with murder. When rookie obit writer and newsroom editorial assistant Kris Langley investigates the cold case of the artistic young cocktail waitress who was obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology, not only does she fall in love with Diana’s sexy nephew, but she must also fight to stay off the obituary page herself.

The audio version was produced by Brick Shop Audio, a New York City based studio operated by industry pros that features a diverse range of new and veteran voice talent. They have recorded hundreds of audiobooks that are currently available on,,, clipper audio and in libraries nation wide. Erin did a wonderful job with the book. She has a lovely voice, and the ability to make every character sound unique. Whether she is portraying the earnest Kris Langley, the gruff editor Dex, the annoying editor Jacqueline (Corporate Barbie), or even a character with a walk-on role such as a young girl with a Texas drawl, Erin handles the role with grace.

Audiobook now available at:

If you’re interested in hearing a sample, you can listen on Audible. If you buy the book and enjoy it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Audible, or iTunes and spreading the word to any friends who are interested in audiobooks. More information on my other audio titles for adults, teens and children is available here.

And if you’d like a visual sneak peek at the story, check out the book trailer below.

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