Stop by the Random Acts of Kindness Book Event: Feb. 17-24

Winners: Amber, Cindi, Darlene. Thanks to everyone for coming by and sharing your stories! Welcome to the Random Acts of Kindness Hop sponsored by I am a Reader, Not A Writer. To help celebrate, over 150 bloggers have gotten together to give away books. Visit the below blogs (listed at the bottom of this post) from February 17th to 24th at midnight, EST, to be entered for each individual giveaway and discover some fun book blogs in the process.

In the spirit of random acts of kindness, I decided to invite some author friends to participate in my giveaway stop so that they could introduce their work to new readers; and so that in turn, my blog visitors would be entered for several giveaways by leaving their email address in my comments. The below authors will be giving away a Smashword download of the following books. (unless another format is otherwise noted) If you’re not sure how to get a Smashwords book onto your Kindle, Nook, or other device, rest assured that it is easy and that Smashwords is a wonderful site for book lovers. If you visit this link, you’ll find instructions on how to get Smashwords books onto your e-reader.

Here are the books the below authors are generously giving away. Click on the authors’ names to visit their web sites.

Rules of the Game by Elaine Raco Chase – Winner voted #1 erotic novel by Turning Pages! “You need an attitude adjustment!” Samantha Logan told Adam Rourke. She didn’t care that he was rich, she didn’t care that he was handsome, and she didn’t care that her boss was his surrogate father. She tried to ignore the fact that his deep voice hit her behind the knees and made her feel oddly off balance. And she was sure those heart palpitations were the result of drinking two five-hour energy drinks in less than thirty minutes and definitely not from a pair of broad shoulders, green eyes and a sexy stubble. And that’s when the erotic fireworks started!

Jake’s Bride by Karen Rose Smith – Could Jake ever trust Sara again? Sara Standish knew private investigator Jake Donovan didn’t want children. He’d lost his wife and child and his anguish was obvious. With their wedding only days away, she discovered she was pregnant. Should she marry Jake and trap him with a child he might not want? She loved him too much to do that so she called off their wedding and left Los Angeles without telling him about her pregnancy. Now four years later, a letter from her mother helps her realize she made a terrible mistake. Jake deserves to know he has a son. When Sara tells Jake the truth, she sees the sense of betrayal in his eyes. He will never be able to trust her again. But when he asks her to marry him for the sake of their son, she hopes her love can heal them both.

Dangerous Curves by Tonya Thomas: Kim Westfall spent the first 23 years of her life feeling inadequate. Her lifelong dream was to be a curvaceous woman, but after breast implant surgery she felt anything but glamorous as her dream turned into a living nightmare.

An Image of Death by Libby Fischer Hellmann – (will be giving away winner’s choice of a Mobi, epub, or PDF edition) Who knew that a career in video documentaries could lead to crime? Such is the fate of Chicago’s Ellie Foreman whose shoots hook her up with misdeeds past and present. Here she is producing a video about foster children that’s being financed by a successful Chicago real estate developer. Her plans get thrown for a loop when a mysterious package appears at her door one winter night. Inside she finds a surveillance video showing the murder of a young woman. Who was this woman and what is her connection to Ellie? The cops shunt her aside, but the urgency she feels to find answers, coupled with her professional knowledge of film, compel her to sleuth despite the difficulties borne from a complex history with her lover, David. A little digging reveals that the murder victim was a courier with a dark history forged in Eastern Europe at the time of the Soviet Union’s collapse. And a little more digging reveals dark happenings here at home, money laundering, and the deadly price of dealing in diamonds.

HOW TO ENTER: There will be separate drawings for each book. To enter, just leave your email address in the comments, and if you’d like to, share a quick anecdote about a recent act of kindness that you did for someone else or that they did for you. If you’d like extra entries, then leave additional separate comments letting me know that you followed me on Facebook and/or Twitter. (you’ll get an extra entry for each) Good luck! And don’t forget to hop over to the below blogs for more prizes!

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  1. The most recent random act of kindness i’ve experienced was about a month ago. I was in a Chick-Fil-A drive thru and the car in front of me bought my meal. I was so happy to find that there are still selfless people in the world! Since my meal was paid for, I paid it forward and bought the meal of the car behind mine, even though it was $10 more than mine! I felt really good doing it!

    Thanks for this generous giveaway!


    My random act of kindness…the past few months have been hella bad for my fiancé at work and on weekends we’re constantly on the go with wedding plans. So Thursday I decided I was gonna kidnap him for the weekend and just get away. We have a ban on wedding and work talk for the weekend and the only thing on the agenda is fun. Last night we went to the casino in Cleveland and today we’re going to a store called Big Fun, it’s a retro toy store filled with toys from our childhood. Then we’re back to the casino. Last night I saw my fiancé laugh and have fun for the first time since Christmas!

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  6. I am amazed by the generosity of the Authors I’ve met on facebook..starting with free books available on Amazon, Smashwords, and more ..and the the Giveaways they have with Contests, and how they will take time to Promote and assist other AUTHORS especially new ones!! I feel their acts of Kindness should be recognized!!

  7. When I came out of the store over Christmas I found a $10.00 bill on my window I looked around and there were other cars with them on. I than gave it to a little boy that I saw coming out of the store. His eye’s got so big and his Mother just said Thank You..
    Great Giveaway..Thanks!!

  8. Am following you on now facebook..where I met Elaine Raco Chase and the other great Authors

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  11. Jennifer Irving says

    I make cops mad….I’m always putting money in meters. I started it in college. 🙂

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  14. Meghan Stith says

    Thanks for the giveaway!! Random acts of kindness happen all the time. Sometimes we don’t even notice when they occur. Living on a christian college campus, I’m constantly thanking people for opening doors to the point of ridiculousness. In fact, the other day while I was working at the campus store, a young boy, probably the age of 16, found $17 on the floor and turned it in claiming that someone had dropped it. How honest and sweet is that!?
    Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope your day is filled with random acts of kindness!

    mestith at gmail dot com

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  17. My RAK was to allow a friend of my two teenaged kids to move into our guest bedroom after I found out that he’s been homeless for three years. He is so sweet and happy to have a roof over his head. Makes me want to cry:( We take these things for granted every day.

    cc_clubbs [at] yahoo [dot] com

  18. Thanks for the contest 🙂 Once someone gave me a cookie when I was sad 🙂
    twitter: amandatwilight2

  19. Jake’s Bride looks really good.

    The other day at the post office I helped a person with a physical disability prepare their package.

  20. sheshatr at ymail dot com

  21. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. somebody paid my toll in front of me on Valentine’s day last week
    msboatgal at

  23. I was in the Tim Horton’s drive through and the clerk told me that my order had been paid for by the car in front of me. I passed along the kindness by paying for the car behind me. I often wonder how long the kindness was passed along!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. I do my best to help people any time I can and without knowledge of who did it. I do a lot online.

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  37. Ellen Thompson says

    The person in line behind my daughter at Walmart gave her some change to help finish paying for her book that she was buying. Thanks for the giveaway!

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