Instant Preplay Kids Novel By Karl Fields

Books for Reality TV Fans
Are you a bookworm who enjoys reality TV or the entertainment industry? Then add these books to your summer reading list! All of the books are part of my #Books4RealityTVFans campaign. Here is a spotlight on one of the books included on the list. This one is a great read to get your tween AWAY from the TV!

Instant Preplay by Karl Fields – What if your TV could “tune in” tomorrow? Thirteen-year-old Logan Styles saw visions of himself on Park Avenue when his show-business father landed a job in New York. Instead, Logan ended up in suburban L.A. with his grandmother, where boredom and new-kid obscurity pose a hazard to his health…until he discovers the DVR attached to his television records shows before they air. Suddenly able to “predict” the scores of ballgames, the outcome of reality shows and even the weather, Logan becomes a breakout hit among Sunset Ridge Middle School’s most popular crowd. But his digital ESP comes with a burden, and as he learns about the DVR’s downside, Logan will have to decide if having all the answers all the time is everything it’s cracked up to be.

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