Seeking Bloggers to Spread Word About #BeachReadSOS and #Books4RealityTVFans

I am involved with two exciting book promotions this month and we’re seeking bloggers to spread the word to their followers. If your blog followers love books and you’d like a quick and easy blog post, then please visit this file on Google Documents.

Bloggers are welcome to copy and paste the above post into their blogs. You’ll also find links in the post to where you can grab the logos for #BeachRead SOS and #Books4RealityTVFans.

In a nutshell, these are the two events that we’re promoting:
Beach Clip new use
BeachReadSOS – the goal is to help book lovers load their e-readers with quality books so they won’t need to call SOS. Anyone who buys my book Sink or Swim before June 1, 2013 can contact me for the Smashwords codes of 10 free beach reads in popular genres. They can browse my blog post, which describes the free books as well as a list of bargain beach reads written by the donating authors. I’ll be spotlighting some of those bargain reads on my blog this month.

Books for Reality TV Fans
Books4RealityTVFans – I am also spotlighting 15 novels this month which relate to the themes of reality TV or television in general. The books revolve around adventure shows, dating shows, morning shows, soap operas, and much more. Readers can visit the link for a fun list of books, which will be spotlighted on my blog during the month. We’ll also be featuring interviews with past contestants from shows such as Survivor, Big Brother, Shark Tank, So You Think You Can Dance, and much more!

Again if you’d like to spread the word, you can grab a copy and paste post here. Thanks for helping to spread the word! If you post about it, please share your link in the comments so that we can help to promote your post.

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