Harlequin Super Romance By Liz Talley

Books for Reality TV Fans
Are you a bookworm who enjoys reality TV or the entertainment industry? Then add these books to your summer reading list! All of the books are part of my #Books4RealityTVFans campaign, including A Taste of Texas by Liz Talley.

A Taste of Texas (Harlequin Super Romance) – by Liz Talley: Brent Hamilton hates his life, and no one in the small East Texas town of Oak Stand would ever expect it of him. Not when the former All-American has a plum job in his family company and plenty of willing women to occupy his spare time. But Brent Hamilton hides a secret – inside his beautiful body is a wildly successful middle grade author struggling to get out. Enter his former best friend – Rayne Rose. Recently widowed and at odds with what to do with her head-strong son and his crippling anxiety, she’s come home to her aunt’s bed and breakfast. She needs peace. She needs time to work out the next move in her career. She needs to get the B&B renovated. What she doesn’t need is a sexy man dredging up old pinings. When you put a passionate red-headed chef in close quarters with a too-hot to touch contractor, sparks are gonna fly…and something is bound to get burned. Meanwhile, Rayne has also been working to broker a deal with The Food Channel for a travel/cooking show and she must choose between leaving to do the show or staying in the small Texas town. Get ready to take A Taste of Texas.

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