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My mystery with a touch of romance Sink or Swim is a brand new audiobook this month with lively narration by talented actress Funda Duval and the e-book version is on sale for 99 cents for a limited time. With so much going on, this seemed the perfect time to take a look at the cast of characters. Not only is Sink or Swim the title of the book, but it also refers to a fictional game show where contestants serve as crew aboard a Tall Ship. Today we’ll meet a few of the contestants and tomorrow we’ll learn why Sink or Swim would make a great real-life reality show!

The Contestants

Cassidy NovakThe Idealistic Runner-Up. She’s a personal trainer who wants to launch her own chain of fitness centers and help people to lead healthier lifestyles, however due to her college loans, her only immediate chance at jump-starting her dream was winning a million dollars on Sink or Swim. Alas, that didn’t happen and she’s stuck working at Spike’s Muscle Madness and hoping to gain a few endorsements from her semi-celebrity status. Cassidy thought the weasly Spike was her biggest problem…

Reggie Elliott
The Bad-Boy Winner. Cassidy thinks of him as an overgrown beetle with his bushy eyebrows and bald skull. A New Jersey bred ladies man who wants to use his fame to pursue an acting career…if he survives long enough to move to Hollywood.

Felicia Fowler The Vixen. This daughter of a famous movie director has a big attitude and has it in for Cassidy. But she wasn’t always in such a bad mood…

Josh SanchioniThe Nice Guy. Maybe. Josh is the object of Cassidy’s crush and they shared a few special moments aboard the ship. Like Cassidy, he wants to help others and his mission is speaking out about domestic violence. Unfortunately, Josh has a fiancee.

Gabriel CollinsThe Suave Host. He left the soap opera world 15 years ago and his plastic surgeons have chopped off a decade from his appearance since then. He hopes Sink or Swim will be his big comeback.

Adam HortonThe Military Wannabe. He dresses in fatigues and has a disturbing way of looking at Cassidy.

The Villain

Miles – the mysterious stalker who tracks the cast members as they return to their normal lives. Who is Miles and what havoc does he – or she- wreak? Add Sink or Swim to your summer reading list and find out!

Listen to a sample on Audible, narrated by Funda Duval! She manages to make every character sound unique, from Valley girl to tough guy.

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