Would Make A Great Reality Show or Lifetime Movie

Okay, maybe I’m a little prejudiced seeing as how I wrote the book and all, but I think my fictional reality TV show Sink or Swim would make a great real-life reality program. I also think it would make an exciting Lifetime movie. In fact, I’ll entertain offers for both!

A Real Reality Show?
I created a darn believable reality show, if I do say so myself. Under the show’s setup, 12 contestants assist as crew members aboard a Tall Ship and compete in four teams. The “real” crew awards points to the teams based on skill and neatness with team members pooling their numbers to win privileges like movie nights, dinners in the officers’ mess, or a special event such as a luau. Jobs include furling and unfurling sails, scrubbing toilets, chipping paint off bulkheads, and serving food. Low-scoring teams have to complete embarrassing tasks such as doing the hula as their competitors’ entertainment. Once a week, a contestant walks the plank and leaves the show.

Sounds real, right? You’ve got isolated contestants, a little bit of adventure, and jumping off a tall board into the OCEAN! So here’s the pitch, Hollywood. It’s Big Brother-Meets-Survivor-Meets-Splash. Maybe now and then they can make a stop-over at an island. Maybe instead of walking the plank, they can do a backwards twist into the ocean. Ooh, in shark-infested waters. Okay, that might be pushing it, but you get the idea. Heck, forget the sharks. The lowest scoring teams can be forced to sing and dance and a celebrity can mentor them. Big Brother-Meets-Survivor-Meets-Splash-Meets American Idol-Meets Dancing With The Stars-Meets Gilligan’s Island.

A Movie of the Week
I also have another pitch! Sink or Swim would make a terrific woman-in-jeopardy movie. You know, the kind of movie where you scoff, “I can’t believe she just walked into that abandoned building alone. What is she thinking!” yet you can’t turn away. In the book, former reality show contestant Cassidy Novak attracts a stalker after returning to her normal life as a personal trainer. Meanwhile, her former competitors are getting killed off. Naturally, there is a love interest in cowboy photographer Zach Gallagher, who has secrets of his own. She also has a quirky family, so the supporting actors would really have a chance to shine.

And best of all, reality TV personalities could make cameos in the film. Stop by my post where I introduce the cast members of my fictional reality show.

Okay, Hollywood producers, have I got your attention yet? Listen to a sample of the Audible book, narrated by actress Funda Duval. (and put her in the movie as she’s an awesome actress who has appeared on TV and in films.) Put my Face-Off narrator Maxwell Glick in the movie also. He’s had some great roles also and is already in LA.

Check out the book trailer set to Every Breath You Take. (every good stalker movie has a song like Every Breath You Take.) And while I’m waiting for Hollywood to call, all of you readers out there can get a list of retailers here. Don’t miss my special offer below!

Books for Reality TV Fans
Are you a bookworm who enjoys reality TV or the entertainment industry? Then hurry over and add these bargain books to your summer reading list as each novel has a plot thread relating to reality TV or television in general.

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