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Today we’re spotlighting The Hot Shots, Book 2 Scotland Yard Exchange Program Series by Stephanie Queen.

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The Hot Shots (Scotland Yard Exchange Program) – If you were a (maybe not so) mild-mannered decorator minding her own business, would you jump off the deck of the USS Constitution into Boston Harbor with a perfect stranger? You would if he looked like hunky Chauncey Miller. Even if Chauncey isn’t exactly Bond-James-Bond in the name department, he sparks the interest of spunky Boston Decorator Sophia Alano. That is until her big career break to host a TV decorating show gets side-tracked and she ends up the target of the notorious terrorist who happened to be out for revenge against her man Miller. She goes on the run with Chauncey protecting her and they end up in London with a plan to set a trap for the mad man with the grudge. But once Chauncey catches the mad terrorist, can she return to her decorator dream job and live happily ever after without her dream man?

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Stephanie Queen lives in bucolic New Hampshire where writing happy, snappy romances takes most of her time. However you can sometimes find her watching UConn football and basketball games—Go Huskies!–or cooking something up for family and friends in her big kitchen. Right now, she’s busy writing her next book in the Scotland Yard Exchange Program Series. Visit her website to learn more at

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