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Girl and Boy HT Rocks
I saw the movie The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, this summer and it really struck me how those guys worked so hard to instill a positive attitude in the jaded college interns on their team.

In the movie, teams of interns compete to land a job at Google, but the teammates of Vince and Owen have given up before they even started. I had to laugh when Vince’s character passionately tried to inspire the students with the movie Flashdance and the story of a young welder who aspires to be a dancer. I have been known to give similar pep talks myself. It was rewarding to see how despite their skepticism, his young teammates pulled together and how much they accomplished once they turned around their negative attitude.

In this age of technology and social networking, it is so easy for kids today to grow up jaded and cynical. It is our job as parents and teachers to instill the values of positive thinking and gratitude. These are learned behaviors. I was recently surfing the Internet looking for ways to encourage positive thinking in kids, and I came across two fabulous resources that I wanted to share with my readers.

If you place an order for Happy Thoughts Rocks, the artist will let you choose a free e-print as a special bonus!

If you place an order for Happy Thoughts Rocks, the artist will let you choose a FREE e-print that retails for $15 as a special bonus!

First, I’d like to introduce you to some one-of-a-kind Happy Thought Rocks, a feel good gift painted on natural river rock. All come with their own positive energy message. They come in assorted sizes and in a variety of cheerful colors, and are available as girls or boys. To “feed” the rocks, you need to share a positive thought on a daily basis. Studies show that people who count their blessings and focus on the positive are healthier and more successful. Giving your children one or more of these rock friends is a fun way to teach them to be positive and grateful. They also make great gifts as a reward for a job well done or a thank you gift.

Artist Wayne Dalzell has been inspiring people with his Happy Thoughts rocks for nearly two decades.

Artist Wayne Dalzell has been inspiring people with his Happy Thoughts rocks for nearly two decades.

These wonderful positive energy Happy Thought Rocks are all created by Wayne Dalzell, an artist and photographer from rural Northern California. Wayne has been painting these magical rocks for over 18 years. He is also a talented photographer with some gorgeous e-prints available for sale. (I’ve got two beautiful prints of hot air balloons hanging in my office.) To order your positive energy Happy Thought Rocks, visit the We Originals website. You can browse pricing and shipping information here. I received my package this month and love these new additions to our household! Each rock was individually packaged with a card containing the “Care and Feeding” instructions. Wayne has a special offer for my blog visitors. Place an order for Happy Thoughts rocks, and you can choose one of his $15 e-prints for FREE as a special gift! Browse his website and choose the one you want. I had mine printed and framed to hang above my desk.

Wayne recently shared a story with me about giving a Happy Thought rock to a family friend: Tonight we had some friends over for a short visit and they brought their 22 year old handicapped daughter with them. She is now living on her own (doing well) and was visiting them for the weekend. Just before they left, I gave their daughter Kelsey a small yellow girl HT Rock and showed her the Care and Feeding instruction card that goes with it. She was excited to get it and promised to feed it every day with a happy thought. Kelsey gave it the name of Vicki (her mom’s name) and said when she gets lonely she will talk to her mom through the rock and share a HT every day. Yes, another cute magical story that brings out positive energy in us.
Be sure to visit the comments section of this post for more stories of how people have used these rocks – and if you’ve used them before, please feel welcome to add your own!

Teachers also use these rocks in their classroom. In fact, that’s how I first discovered these rocks. I stumbled across a Pinterest board as someone had pinned a fabulous blog post by Laura Candler, blog author, passionate teacher, and creator of Teaching Resources – a website for grade 2-6 teachers featuring hundreds of e-lessons and e-books. Laura created a free downloadable Happy Thoughts Journal which she designed for her fifth grade class. Free! How generous is that? Not only is this journal great for classroom use, but it is also a wonderful project for families.
I only wish that all schools would give their students an opportunity to focus on the positive and share their experiences with others. Sadly, most schools do not make time for this in their curriculum. I’m grateful that Laura is doing so, however, and that she is sharing this free resource. Even better, you can use the journal in conjunction with the Happy Thoughts Rocks. “The Rockman” designed two cute character pages to add to the collection of pages in Laura’s journal. Visit Laura’s website to learn more about her books and resources for teachers.

And remember that it’s never too late to start a positive thinking internship with the kids in your life.

Want to take it a step further and develop your own positive thinking skills? Fill out the journal and treat yourself to some Happy Thoughts Rocks. In addition, has offered my blog readers an opportunity to beta test their site for free. Check out my blog post to find out how you can participate in fun games and activities designed to boost your happiness.

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  1. Stacy,
    Thank you for posting this. Wayne is my big brother and he has always been a happy go lucky guy. I give his Happy Thought Rocks to my clients, people at business networking events and friends. EVERYONE gives me a BIG smile, a thank you and a promise to give their new friend Positive Energy & a Happy Thought every day. Now keep in mind, these are CEO’s and Business owners not kids. So my conclusion is, there is a kid in ALL of us that longs for Positive Energy & Happy Thoughts.

    Keep the Positive Energy flowing
    Beverly Thomson

  2. Stacy,
    Wayne is also my big brother. I have been watching him give out these wonderful little Happy Thought Rocks for many years and have seen the smiles that they put on the faces of the people (young and old) he hands them too. I am glad he is finally getting them out there through the internet so that more people can experience the magical positive energy that comes along with them!
    I gave some to my 9 year old grandson and he put them on the outside of his fish tank with the smiles facing the fish he says “the fish like to look at them” and he always loves when Wayne sends him a new one! How can you not smile when you look at the happy faces on Wayne’s Happy Thought Rocks? I know they make me smile!


  3. LOVE the happy rocks … and Laura’s Happy Thoughts Journal. Thanks for the positively uplifting post. I couldn’t agree more about needing to immerse this generation with inspiration and positivity. can help; I hope your readers will take you up on the offer to try it out!

  4. Thanks so much for coming by, Barbara – your website is an absolute treasure trove! I have bookmarked it to fully explore it. I have found Happify to be a really unique and inspiring site also.

    Valerie, that is such a nice story about the fish tank. I have a few of the rocks on my desk and they make me smile also.

    I can see how CEOs and business owners would enjoy the rocks as they remind us not to take everything so seriously. I think we all could use a reminder to stay positive. Thanks so much for coming by, Beverly. I love hearing the stories of how Wayne’s Happy Thoughts rocks have touched people of all ages.

  5. A couple new additions:

    1. I just saw the movie Monsters University. It was basically The Internship for kids! A misfit group trying to pull together as a team and one positive person, er, monster, trying to pull the gloomy group together. A good movie to point out the importance of teamwork, positive thinking and goal-setting if your kids are old enough not to fear the monsters.

    2. I also wanted to share the below “nutrition” information for the rocks which Wayne shared with me.

    What is in the magic of a simple SMILE?

    These Happy Thought Rocks may have found the answer as you will feel for yourself when you first hold one. It’s like a quick burst of positive energy goes through you the moment you hold your first HT Rock and it touches you back. There is an unexplainable good energy flow that is created at the moment you touch one and will continue as long as you treat them as you would a friend, with kindness.

    Nutrition Facts

    Serving Size: All HT Rock Sizes

    Positive Energy per serving: 100%

    Is this Positive Energy transferable: YES

    Can it Help Lower Blood Pressure: YES

    Calories per serving= 0%

    Fat per serving= 0%


    Sodium per serving=0

    Carbs per serving= 0%

    If you choose to have one of these magical HT Rocks as a new friend there is Care and feeding instructions that MUST be followed for a healthy friendship to develop. But if for some reason you don’t need positive energy in your life please give your HT Rock to someone that needs up lifting as it’s OK to pass them to others.

    Please, Please, Please don’t leave them in the plastic bag they came in and put them in a place where you will remember to feed them daily.

  6. Hello to all that may read this blog and are wondering about my Happy Thought Rocks and the magic they create.
    I have been painting and sharing these POSITIVE ENERGY creations for over 18 years with to many wonderful good energy stories to share on this blog.
    If you are wanting to also experience a simple and fun way to increase good energy into your lives or a loved one’s then go to my web site and see for yourself what a simple smile can do.

    Wayne “TheRockMan”

  7. Mr. Murphy says

    Students and Teachers at my school have been getting Happy Thought Rocks for years. I have numerous stories about how the kids treat their rocks and how they care for their rocks. Perhaps one of my all time favorites was when a student of my came to school the day after she got her Happy Thought Rock with her rock in a shoe box. When I asked her what she had in the box, she opened it up and she showed me. Inside was a room she had made for her Happy Thought Rock. The rock was on a little bed smiling up at me. On the inside walls of the box she had hung little happy pictures. There was even a little chair, desk, and mirror. Needless to say, the entire class was awed by what she had done and the following day, several other students told me they made rooms for their rocks too.

    Thanks Wayne. The rocks do have positive impact on the kids.

    Mr. Murphy
    4th Grade Teacher

  8. Mr. Murphy,
    I would love to see a picture of that box! It is amazing how much love and happiness a child has to give. I wish more grown-ups were still in touch with their inner child.

    Beverly Thomson
    The Rock Man’s Sister

Stacy Juba