Improve Your Kids’ Writing Skills

Awhile back, I wrote an article for the fantastic website Voice Boks (the voice of parenthood) and outlined my suggestions for how to improve your children’s writing abilities. I described some easy activities for pre-school through elementary school age, such as creating your own touch and feel books, starting a vacation journal, using Mad Libs and Magnetic Poetry, buying guided journals featuring their favorite characters, and much more. Voice of Parenthood has recently featured the article again and I would love for you to check it out! If you have any further ideas, please leave them in the comments of the Voice Boks article.

And here is one new idea for the list – check out my recent post on where you can download a free Happy Thoughts Gratitude Journal for your children and use some cheerful rocks in conjunction with the journal. A new school year is on the horizon. What better time to get your kids excited about writing and reading?

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