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As I recently shared, my website and blog have undergone a new look. One feature I wanted to highlight was my Characters at a Crossroads banner and my new Character Crossroads blog category.

My banner used to say One Stop Reading: Books for Adults, Teens and Children. And while it’s true, this web site does offer one stop reading for everyone in the family, that wasn’t a strong enough author brand. Why did I change the banner to a crossroads?

Well, having a stronger author brand meant that I needed to find the one common theme that runs through all of my books, not an easy task. What could a teddy bear in a children’s picture book have in common with an obit writer and amateur detective in her mid-twenties? What could teenage hockey players have in common with a female reality show contestant? Then it clicked. The characters inhabiting my stories have many differences, but they share two things in common.

1. They make mistakes and have imperfections, just like the rest of us.

2. They have reached a crossroads where they can either get out of their own way and move toward a more fulfilling future, or they can remain stuck in the same negative patterns that hold them back from their goals.

Cassidy Novak from Sink or Swim needs to accept help from others, trust others and find a balance between work and her relationships; Kris Langley from Twenty-Five Years Ago Today must find the compassion to forgive herself, release the past and embark on a new life; the teenage Dawn from Dark Before Dawn needs to learn that what others think of her isn’t as important as what she thinks of herself; and the McKendrick brothers from Face-Off must find a way to reach mutual understanding and work as a team. Even the little “bear girls” in my picture books are on a journey as they struggle to become more independent.

We all reach a crossroads at various times during our lives and it can be difficult to break out of a rut and venture forward into unfamiliar territory. Sometimes we need to get out of our own way. So that explains why I went with a crossroads in my banner and the tag line Characters at a Crossroads.

But I also went one step further. On my blog, I feature lots of informative posts about fiction books, authors, blog hops, contests, and other events. From time-to-time, I also blog about resources that I’ve discovered relating to positive thinking, character-building, acts of kindness, inspirational books, and inspirational classes. Any posts in this latter category will now be categorized as Character Crossroads posts and they will feature the below logo to set them apart.


These special posts will be archived here. I made the page a visible tab in my drop-down menu, underneath Blog. Please note that the DailyOm will also be syndicated on the above page. Every day, the headline at the foot of the page will change to reflect the posting of an insightful new article on the popular website the DailyOm: Nurturing Mind Body & Spirit.

As an author, I include these universal themes in my books and hope the stories and characters will resonate with my readers. As a a long-time journalist, I have always worked hard to educate people and introduce resources they might have never heard of, resources that could benefit them or their families. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my characters and that the blog resources will help you to build your own character. Check back often for new additions to the list, or you can get a blog subscription or newsletter subscription.

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