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I recently stumbled across Excel at Life, a web site that is a virtual treasure trove of meditation downloads, informative articles, and insightful apps. The purpose of the website is to provide to the public research-based psychological information in a usable format to assist with each individual’s pursuit of understanding and personal growth.  Visitors are invited to browse the articles, use the audios and videos, and complete the questionnaires and diaries without needing to join or pay a fee.  Also, if you have an Android device, you can download Excel At Life’s free apps for self-improvement and managing stress, anxiety, and depression.

The area that I wanted to highlight in particular is their downloadable meditation audios. I love these!  When I found this website through a free app, shortly after I began meditating, I was stunned by the number of audios they were offering for free. As I started listening to them, I was thrilled with the professional quality and the vivid imagery.

Here are just a few of the meditations available for download: Sunrise on the Beach Mindfulness, Tropical Garden Mindfulness, Day of Fishing Mindfulness, The Meadow Relaxation, Mountain Cabin Relaxation, Day on the Farm Mindfulness, and Lotus Flower Relaxation. These titles focus on slow, relaxed breathing, muscle relaxation, and guided imagery.

They also have free children’s meditation stories such as Cloud Castles and Magical Forest, which can help children learn how to calm themselves or fall asleep at night.

Other audios, such as the Loving Kindness Meditation, draw upon meditation techniques from Buddhist psychology and use the methods from Buddhism for life enhancement. You’ll also find motivational audios such as Thinking Your Way to a Healthy Weight, educational audios to help you understand and cope with different issues that you may be experiencing, quick stress relief methods, and short daily practice mindfulness exercises.

Until recently, I thought that fitting meditation into my busy schedule would be a chore. However, now I find it fun to scroll through my growing collection of downloads to decide which one I’m in the mood for that day. Do I want to escape to a mountain cabin? Laze on the beach? Access my inner child with the Magic Bubbles audio?  Could I use a little ride aboard the Self Esteem Train?

Be sure to stop by and check out Excel at Life where you can Pursue Excellence in Life, Relationships, Sports and Career. If you like the site, they accept donations here. This site truly is a gift for those who want to slow down, relax, and get to know themselves better. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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