The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap Anthology

Books for Reality TV Fans
Are you a bookworm who enjoys reality TV or the entertainment industry? Then add these books to your reading list! All of the books are part of my #Books4RealityTVFans campaign, including The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap – an anthology from Kimberly Kincaid, Donna Kauffman and Kate Angell. Kimberly’s story has a reality TV angle and is also a sneak peek into her Pine Mountain foodie series coming up with Kensington in early 2014.

Come take a sneak peek into Pine Mountain, the cozy resort town in the Blue Ridge Mountains where Kimberly’s first series is set. Ingredients: One pragmatic caterer desperate for money to start her own bakery. One hotshot pastry chef in need of a boost to his reputation as a risk-taker. One Christmas cookie competition that promises money and prestige to the winner. Combine well, and watch the kitchen heat up for the holidays.

Here is a blurb about the book as a whole:
Where There’s Smoke by Donna Kauffman: When flames from a recipe gone disastrously wrong send hunky fire-fighter Will Mason to pretty Clara Parker’s rescue, the sparks really begin to fly! And once Will gets a taste of Clara, he aches for more than just a little sugar from the famously single food columnist…The Gingerbread Man by Kate Angell: Folks have always told fun-loving Abby Denton that her anatomically correct Gingerbread cookies are…impressive. But those erotic cookies have nothing on the sexy stranger Abby saves from a snowy country road. Could Lander Reynolds be the Christmas treat she’s truly been longing for? Sugar And Spice by Kimberly Kincaid: When caterer Lily Callahan goes up against hotshot pastry chef Pete Mancuso in the bake-off of the season, the stakes are high – and scandalously passionate. Will the gorgeous gourmand steal Lily’s heart – and the top prize in the Christmas cookie competition?


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